Do it Yourself the Nice Way


Do it Yourself the Nice Way

Do it Yourself the Nice Way 683 1024 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Nice—Uptown Girl

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Step 1                                                                             Step 2
Create a strong side part.                                               Lightly spray dry hair with Mighty Hair
to create texture and shine.
                                                                                       texture and shine.


                                         Step 3
                                         Using a large barrel curling iron, wrap
                                         sections of the hair beginning at
                                         the mid-lenghts and wrapping to the ends.
                                         Do not brush through.

IMG_6285                   IMG_6292

Step 4
Once hair is curled, apply a few drops of Flouro5 Elixer Restore and Repair Oil through curls using fingers.

IMG_6299                   IMG_6302

Step 5
Position Maddyloo headband 3–4 inches from hairline allowing front section to remain free.

                                         Step 6
                                         Smooth front section with a comb and if
                                         needed curl away from face using a
                                         curling iron.

IMG_6307                   IMG_6305

Step 7
If needed finish with a final spray of Mighty Hair Spray to lock in style and shine.

OOOhlala! Doesn't that look nice?


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