Nighttime Hair Care Routine

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Nighttime Hair Care Routine

Nighttime Hair Care Routine 500 566 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care


Bonjour, Dah-lings!

Your daytime hair care routine has probably been set in stone for the last, well, decade. But how about your nighttime routine? The term “bed head” was coined for a reason- precious resting hours can wreak serious havoc on your hair! Fear not, sleeping beauties of the world. With just a few simple tweaks and techniques, your blissful nights can turn into happy hair days- no matter what side of the bed your head wakes up on!


Change Your Sheets

If you’ve got hair that’s prone to tangle, your sheets could be wrecking your breakage-free streak with their static! Electrical currents from the friction of your sheets can cause the follicle to become rough and exposed, leaving it open to all kinds of sand-man-scary damage. If you’re finding stray hairs on your sheets every morning, we recommend picking up satin sheets, and not just because they feel extra comfy! Satin is static-free, meaning you won’t get tangled up in the sheets- at least not intentionally!

Brush Correctly

The twilight hours are the best time to let your natural oils nourish your hair follicle and scalp, so why not speed up the process with some simple brushing! Seriously, it’s that easy. Brushing your hair helps distribute your scalp’s natural oils, leading to healthier, shinier hair. The trick is using the right tool, a boar bristle brush, and always, we mean always, brush in moderation- 10-15 strokes per section will do the trick.

Deep Condition With A Masque

When your conditioner just isn’t cutting it, add an extra dose of moisture with an overnight mask to lock in that heavenly hydration. Our Reconstructing Masque is formulated to boost moisture and softness in just 5 minutes in your shower, but if left on all night, the result is a daydream you won’t want to wake up from! Simply apply 1-2 pumps to the mid shafts to damp hair and comb through your ends. Protect your pillowcase with a shower cap and an elastic headband for added containment, and rinse in the morning.

Tie It Back

Nobody puts baby in a corner, but everyone should tie their hair back when they hit the hay- even baby! The key to a dent-free ‘do in the morning is to keep your bun or ponytail very loose, and to use a lycra fabric hair tie to eliminate that dreaded crease. For waves that look like you spent a day at the beach, try a loose braid instead- brilliant!

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