Number 4 High Performance Hair Care is Proud to be Shark Squalene Free


Number 4 High Performance Hair Care is Proud to be Shark Squalene Free

Number 4 High Performance Hair Care is Proud to be Shark Squalene Free 1000 824 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care



You demand excellence, and we provide it. Number 4 High Performance Hair Care is all about delivering a nouveau haute couture experience. Setting the standard for excellence and redefining luxury when it comes to transformative hair products. Fusing cutting edge technology and innovation with advanced, high quality ingredients. 

Non-toxic to humans. Never tested on animals.

We passionately advocate the exclusion of any and all ingredients potentially toxic to humans and our formulas are never tested on animals. Nor do we use high-tech elements that endanger any species, even the deadliest, like sharks, simply because those ingredients happen to currently be in vogue. 

Collaborating with a talented international bureau of hairstylists and environmentalists, artists and scientists, it’s our honor and privilege to be part of a global movement which actively improves the state of our planet each and every season. We’re not just focused on protecting and repairing the damage done to your hair but also the environment.

Save the Sharks! 

OK, we might not want to go swimming with baby shark any time soon, but neither do we believe their livers should be harvested so that your hair can be glossier. We love sharks at Number 4 even if they can be a bit bitey! That’s why the Squalene manufactured for use in our range is plant-based and comes from sugar cane and olives. We’re all about sugar and spice and all things nice! 

Here are the frightening facts.

Did you know that over 3 million deep-sea sharks are hunted and killed every single year because the cosmetic industry is currently crazy about the moisturizing properties of Squalene?

Squalene and its derivative Squalane can be found in just about everything from sunscreen to foundation, lipstick to eye makeup and yes, haircare products. 

Over 50 different species of shark are currently being fished for their liver oil, and 3000 sharks are needed to produce just one tone of Squalene. It’s a devastatingly inhumane practice that involves Squalene fishermen extracting the animal’s liver before simply throwing the rest of the shark’s remains back into the ocean. 

What’s the solution?

The great news is that there is a solution and thankfully more companies and corporations are taking a stance against using shark squalene and moving towards plant-based sources, just like we do here already at Number 4. Sharks play an integral role in maintaining the stability of the Earth’s marine ecosystems, and it’s not an exaggeration to say that their absence from your oceans would have a devastating impact.

To shop our plant-based, shark-free squalene range click HERE.

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