Number 4 Kits for Wigs, Extensions and Hair Pieces


Number 4 Kits for Wigs, Extensions and Hair Pieces

Number 4 Kits for Wigs, Extensions and Hair Pieces 550 342 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

1 There’s nothing more instantly transformative than using hair enhancements. They allow you to be more experimental but without the fear factor. Use them to add volume, drama, thickness, or add more intense color to your own hair. If you’re in the mood for something a little more daring and feel like switching things up in the seasonal style stakes (without the long-term commitment), then enhancements can deliver excellent, natural-looking results. Or not! If natural is not your vibe and you want brightly iridescent, long ombre pastel-hued mermaid tresses, who are we to stop you! There’s no limit to what you can do with good enhancements.

Caring for your Enhancements.
Whether you’re totally new to using wigs, extensions and hair pieces or have experimented with them in the past, it’s always a good idea to refresh your memory on how best to take care of your gorgeous extra hair! Treat it well and it won’t tell!

Top Maintenance Tips.
We’re going to run you through some top tips and professional recommendations on caring for enhancements. We’re specifically talking about Remy hair, high-quality human hair, as opposed to the synthetic variations.

Quality Remy hair should last between 3 to 6 months if cared for correctly and remember, as with your own hair, the more you wash and heat style those extensions, the shorter their lifespan will be.

The single most important thing to realize about your enhancements is that they don’t have their own natural hydration source, so it’s vital to ensure that they are kept hydrated to reduce dryness.

We recommend you use N4’s Reconstructing Masque once a week to repair, restore, rejuvenate and enhance your extra tresses. That’s why we added this miracle product into our Hair Enhancement Complete Kit along with everything else you need to expertly take care of enhanced hair.

OOPS! New Product Spoiler!
We’re super excited dah-ling to announce that for the first time ever, Number 4 has put together a range of Hair Enhancement kits. Please form an orderly queue! Now get set, ready and go! Make like a kid in a candy store as you check out our latest product offers HERE. They’ve all been beautifully curated by our in-house artistic Style Bureau to deliver extraordinary levels of caressing care, specifically for enhanced hair.

Why the N4 Range Works in Perfect Harmony with Hair Pieces.
Besides recommending intense and regular moisturization, to keep temporary hair in tip-top condition, you need to be using excellent hair care products. Products which are free of nasties, including harsh chemicals, alcohol and parabens, all notorious for tangling and stripping even natural hair of its luster and shine.

Remember that enhancements, while they may well have been harvested from a real hair source, don’t have a root so they can’t draw nutrition and essential vitamins and minerals from the oils a healthy human scalp produces.

Liquid Complex Culture.
Number 4 products are underpinned by our Liquid Complex Culture, using an advanced delivery system to infuse ALL hair (including natural and enhanced) with anti-aging, color-preserving, profoundly hydrating and purifying botanical ingredients. It’s a harmonious and synergistic relationship, fusing nature’s finest ingredients with cutting edge technology, to deliver products that work on all hair types and all hair sources.

If you already wear extensions or you’re looking to experiment with wigs and hair pieces, then check out our head-turning range of kits today and get ready to enjoy your hair, only better!

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