Number 4 Proudly Supporting Million Kids Organization

Million Kids Organization

Number 4 Proudly Supporting Million Kids Organization

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We hope that you are enjoying a wonderful start to 2022.

Today we’re highlighting a topic that touches both our hearts and our minds. It’s a challenging conversation to have but one that needs to be heard and we’re only too willing to share our platform to help raise awareness.

Keeping Kids Safe From Predators

On what is officially Human Trafficking Awareness Day, and in light of the many scandals (often including high profile members of celebrity culture and society) that frequently hit our news programs, Number 4 is proud to have partnerned with the wonderful charity, Million Kids.

Million Kids has a simple but important mission; to help keep kids safe from predators.

This nonprofit organization has been working since 2008 to help prevent the commercial exploitation of children.

It seems hard to fathom that today millions of kids around the globe are vulnerable and open to sexploitation but sadly, it is a fact of the world we live in.

There were a staggering 17,000 reports received in 2020 alone of child sex trafficking cases among ALL 50 US states.

Prevention Through Education

Only through investment in education and training, can we begin to intervene and put programs in place to support the many wonderful people working at Million Kids and other charitable organizations just like it to support families and children who are deeply affected by this crisis.

Million Kids does more than support families and victims through providing access to resources and support. It also produces insider alerts, training resources and even hosts a weekly educational radio show. We encourage you all to get involved.

Today’s world, where the advancement of digital technologies and crypto-currencies contribute towards making the web a dark place, can lead to the perfect storm of opportunities for anonymous and faceless individuals and rings to exploit opportunities for grooming, and ultimately the recruitment of innocent teens and adults into a world of sexual exploitation and crime that they find it difficult and harrowing to escape.

Dedicated to preventing all kinds of child exploitation including sextortion, child pornography and the prevention of sex trafficking, by joining forces with Million Kids, Number 4, and YOU, our wider audience, can all do your part to help.

Together, we can be a force for good and help put a stop to the 82 million reports of child pornography and 322 million reported offending images and videos that are currently in circulation. If, like us, you want to help keep our children safe, then you too can do your part today by subscribing to Million Kids Insider Alerts at and getting educated on today’s important issue.

For more information please check out . We urge you all to do your part to help prevent further child exploitation.


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