Step Into Spring With Your Best Hair Ever Thanks to N4’s Dah-ling Sets

spring style

Step Into Spring With Your Best Hair Ever Thanks to N4’s Dah-ling Sets

Step Into Spring With Your Best Hair Ever Thanks to N4’s Dah-ling Sets 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

spring styleBONJOUR DAH-LING!

Up Your Spring Style with These Kits

We don’t know about you but we definitely have a touch of joie de vivre going on.

Spring has sprung! Daylight savings may well have robbed us of that hour we swore we were going to spend in the gym, but dah-lings, that’s all good.

Sunshine vibes are forecast for the foreseeable. OK, so that’s not strictly true! The weather is about as unpredictable as our mood. But at N4 HQ we’ve got blooming good intentions.

Together let’s make this the season to sparkle and shine.

Spring brings with it so much optimism. It’s a chance to renew all those resolutions you already broke. It brings with it the promise of longer, lighter and balmier days. Merci!

So it’s time to dust off the pin curls, let loose those waves, and prepare to embrace a springtime fling.

But cheries, the only affair we’re recommending is the one where you fall head over heels in love with your gorgeous hair.

To help you along with your seasonal transition, we’ve created our Mini Darling Delights Collections. Each one is designed to take care of your hair care desires and ensure you and your hair burst into full bloom this season.

Hair Fine but You Want to Rock Larger Than Life Locks?

Then you need our Hair In Full Bloom set.

Let’s just say that limp, lackluster strands are so last season. It’s time to pump up the volume.

Containing a carefully curated set of N4 minis you can bid adieu to flat and frumpy and say bonjour to beautifully bouncy! This set contains all body and movement enhancing products your hair needs so that your inner confidence will blossom and bloom.

Ready to Reawaken Your Radiance?

Then may we present our Radiant Renewal set.

Spring is associated with fresh starts and new beginnings and this set will do just that, breathing new life into winter ravaged, damaged strands.

We’ve hibernated under hats, cranked up the central heating and exposed our crowning glory to the elements. Now it’s time to show your hair some tender loving care and bring back that radiant sparkle. Say hello to lively, luscious locks and give withered ends the heave-ho!

In the Mood for an Innocent Spring Fling?

Step forward N4’s Spring Style Fling set.

For all the commitment phobes out there this delectable set of minis is perfect for you.

You can play around to your heart’s content, with no strings attached, and take your time to experiment to find the spring style that best suits you. If you like to keep your hair care options (and your diary) open, then this kit is your perfect partner.

So do away with stylistic sins this spring and put your best bouncy blow haired foot forward as you enjoy a fling with your own fabulous hair.

If you’re looking for some extra Spring style inspiration, you’ll love this BLOG: Styles We Predict Will Bloom This Spring.

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