How To Create The Perfect Ponytail

perfect ponytail

How To Create The Perfect Ponytail

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perfect ponytail

Thought that the ponytail was just for the gym? Think again. This is one hairstyle that can have you looking red carpet ready in real life. The perfect ponytail is the go-to-look that expertly transitions from day to night. It’s totally DIY-able and better still, get the placement right and you get a free facelift thrown in! Who doesn’t want cheekbones higher than your Jimmy Choos?

So just how do you go about creating the perfect ponytail?

perfect ponytail

Well, it’s all about placement sweeties and of course having a few strategic styling products in your hair care arsenal like N4’s Soothing Balm and Mighty Hair Spray.

First up you need to figure out exactly where that ponytail is going. Our top Pro-Tip is to align with the high point of your cheekbones and pull it back from there. You’ll score a double whammy dah-lings by giving yourself a fabulous sculpted effect too!

Next, grab that Mighty Hair Spray and a bristle brush and just pull your hair back so that you can smooth out any kinks. The secret to that polished look is to get your pony looking sleek and swingy! You’ll look bouncier than a show-pony if you follow our top tips. Fasten your ponytail with two, not one elastic bands to ensure that it’s securely in place and apply some of our Smoothing Balm to any flyaway stray hairs.

Braid and wrap your way to that perfectly polished ponytail look

Another styling trick is to hide that hair elastic with a skinny braid, which you can make by taking a small underneath section of your ponytail. Wrap it around the pony and secure with a couple of bobby pins to expertly hold in place.

Now to add some Va Va Volume!

Starting from the middle of your ponytail and working in sections, tease those tresses at the roots to create even more lift and high drama. A couple of strategic spritzes through the length of your pony with our Sugar Texturizing Spray will work like a total treat. Do this on dry hair for just a little bit of extra ooh la la!

Lock it down Ladies

To complete the look, spray your hairbrush with a final finishing touch of our Mighty Hair Spray and slick it into wherever needed to smooth out all those little rogue baby hairs. There’s no place for flyaways in this pristine ponytail creation!

Et Voila! The perfect smooth and sleek, totally chic high ponytail with stellar cheekbones to match! All you need to do next is slip into your favorite killer heels and you are ready for anything.

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