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Blow Dry Lotion

Tips & Tricks

• “For BEACHY curls, I blow-dry with Blow Dry Lotion, then mist with Thermal Styling Spray and curl. Then I spray my hands with Non Aerosol Hair Spray and scrunch through the hair until I get the desired beach sexiness. POW!” – Shawn, Number
4 Agent

• “Blow Dry Lotion cocktailed with Texture Styling Crème is the perfect way to smooth dry, frizzy hair.” – Erin Patterson, Stylist

• “Apply Blow Dry Lotion to hands and distribute through hair to add shine and definition to curly locks or iron set curls!” – Steve Elias, Two-Time NAHA Winner & Number 4 Style Ambassador

• “I will cocktail with Fluoro5 for loose, swingy, mid-length style that moves and shines. orl cocktail with Support Solution for moveable, bouncier curls.” – Fredrick Shober, Number 4 Agent

Firm Hold Gel

Tips & Tricks

• “For big, soft volume I like to cocktail Firm Hold Gel with Texture Styling Crème. Using more Firm Hold Gel than Texture Styling Crème, apply to towel dried, almost dry hair working from roots to ends. Roll hair with large Velcro rollers and place under hair dryer until dry. Brush hair out with boar bristle brush.” – Jennifer Mariani, Number 4 Agent

• “To style my brother Christopher with the ever popular look for men, THE POMPADOUR, I use a cocktail of Firm Hold Gel and Texture Styling Crème and a blow dryer. Finish that with Mighty Hair Spray (if you dare, men). Let’s face it. Men ARE beginning to use blow dryers and hair spray with no shame. Go, GUYS!” – Shawn Skaggs, Number 4 Agent

• “On high ponytail, apply Firm Hold Gel on surface of hair and heat dry for a super-shiny, DRAMA-filled finish!” – Steve Elias, Two-Time NAHA Winner & Number 4 Style Ambassador

• “Apply to your clients with very thick hair for the smoothest, shiniest blow dry with lots of bounce and hold. Emulsify the desired amount in hands and distribute evenly, roots to ends. Especially glass-like results for your darker haired beauties.” – Kristee Tamulis, Number 4 Agent

Fluoro5 Elixer

Tips & Tricks

• “My favorite Number 4 combo would have to be Super Comb Prep & Protect layered with equal parts Fluoro5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil and Blow Dry Lotion for a polished and pretty blow dry. I finish it off with a little more Fluoro5 and a tiny bit of Texture Styling Crème for added hold.” – Lisa Parke, Stylist

• “I like to use Texture Styling Crème with Fluoro5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil for a beachy wave look. You can really use any N4 styling product with the Elixer to get this look.” – Rob Glenn, Stylist

• “Fluoro5 Elixer is my best friend as a barber. I use it as pre-shave oil and beard oil. It gives me a smooth, clean shave and creates no bumps. The skin is left feeling amazing and guys like that.” – Edwin Stoltz, MEA Salon

Mighty Hair Spray

Tips & Tricks

• “After blow drying, spray on roots, let set and comb through for beautiful, dry texture that gives your roots lift all day!” – Steve Elias, Two-Time NAHA Winner & Number 4 Style Ambassador

• “Spray from underneath the hair to give extra volume and long lasting hold.” – Autumn Lanning, Number 4 Agent

• “When I’m doing my blow outs, I like to spray Mighty Hair Spray at the root before I set the hair.” – Valerie Ward, Number 4 Agent

Non Aerosol Hair Spray

Tips & Tricks

• “Cocktail with Thermal Styling Spray while using irons for even more hold and shine!!” – Steve Elias, Two-Time NAHA Winner & Number 4 Style Ambassador

• “Great as a wet styler, or when looking for a sleek look, you can spray Non Aerosol Hair Spray on roots and smooth down for an added shine and hold.” – Kat Nacario, Number 4 Agent

• “Gently mist Non Aerosol Hair Spray over a blow dry set for memory and shine. Cocktail with Thermal Styling Spray while using irons for even more shine and support.” – Stanley Thompson, Number 4 Agent

• “Apply to thick, coarse hair during thermal styling for long lasting support.” – Dawn Carter, Number 4 Agent

Smoothing Balm

Tips & Tricks

• Cocktail it with Support Solution for that added rock star texture lift and boost.

• Pair it with Blow Dry Lotion for medium density and highly textured (curly) hair to help reduce dry time for blowouts.

Styling Foam

Tips & Tricks

• “Combining Styling Foam and Blow Dry Lotion, divide your hair into small sections and twist around your finger to create a twisted coil-diffused-flip, and in the back and forth motion on the scalp use your fingers to loosen the coils gently for a soft, beachy look.” – Joseph Ferrer, Stylist

• “Apply to damp hair with wide tooth comb and let air dry for a ‘beachy’ tousled look.” – Steve Elias, Two-Time NAHA Winner & Number 4 Style Ambassador

• “Cocktail Styling Foam with Support Solution for soft, beachy waves.” – Nicole D’Angelli, Stylist

• “Apply at roots and work through. Use a round brush at the crown and set with a large barrel iron for a gorgeous night out style.” – Camilla Orosco, Number 4 Agent

Sugar Texturizing Spray

Tips & Tricks

• “When you add Sugar Texturizing Spray to dry hair, you’ll get that ‘just had a day at the beach’ look. I generally spray into hair, flip upside down and shake.” – Kat Nacario, Stylist

• “For stage-ready, rocker chick style, apply Sugar Texturizing Spray to either hair that has been treated with Support Solution and Blow Dry Lotion and dried with a diffuser or on flat ironed or curled hair for bed-head definition.” – Steve Elias, Editorial Stylist

• “Apply to dry hair prior to updo styling for added texture, hold and shine.”– Cynthia Baker, Beauty Executive

Super Comb Prep & Protect

Tips & Tricks

• “Super Comb Prep & Protect before an all-over color is amazing! My color results are shinier and more even than ever.” – Sylvia, Stylist

• “Use to reactivate your hairstyle if you don’t want to rewash or reuse product.” – Steve Elias, 2-time NAHA Winner & Number 4 Style Ambassador

• “Whenever I want to create sexy, messy, air dried waves, I mix 2-3 pumps of Styling Foam with some Super Comb Prep & Protect to make it soft and shiny. The great thing about this combo is that there is no need for a blow dryer for those ‘get up and go’ clients.” – Edna, Stylist

• “Perfect for diluting any of the styling products – for example, is Styling Foam too strong for your fine hair, but do you still want great volume? A couple of sprays of Super Comb Prep & Protect will help dilute it to the appropriate strength, as well as help distribute evenly though hair.” – Kristee Tamulis, Number 4 Agent

Support Solution

Tips & Tricks

• “On gentlemen’s hair that needs extra lift and fullness, apply Styling Foam to almost wet hair. While still wet, apply 1 pump Support Solution and emulsify in palms and apply to hair. After sculpting the air with a Denman brush, mix 1 pump Fluoro5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil to a pea size amount of Texture Styling Crème in palms and fingers and run through the direction of the hair to apply shine and pieciness.” – Max Sawicky, Number 4 Agent

• “How to get the perfect ‘bed head’ look for guys – apply small amount of Support Solution to damp hair, roots to ends, blow dry, elevating at the roots with your hands until completely dry. Apply pea sized amount of Texture Styling Crème to piece out and muss up.” – Kristee Tamulis, Number 4 Agent

• “Apply and disperse evenly, wrap sections of curls around your finger throughout, air dry.” – Camilla Orosco, Number 4 Agent

• “Adds body and texture into hair, especially short styles, when cocktailed together with Blow Dry Lotion and added to hair before blow drying for a weightless hold.” – Kat Nacario, Number 4 Agent

Texture Paste

Tips & Tricks

• “I like to use Texture Paste on cool ponytails and braided hairstyles. First, I spray Super Comb Prep & Protect on hair before rough drying it with just my fingers. Next, I spray Non Aerosol Hair Spray and loosely curl hair with a half-inch iron, grabbing big, random pieces. After, I mix a dime-sized amount of Texture Paste with two drops of Fluoro5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil and apply throughout, then style the hair into a ponytail or braided updo. I set everything with Mighty Hair Spray and the style holds all day!” – Steve Elias, Editorial Stylist

• “On men with short hair and a strong wave pattern, start by applying Firm Hold Gel to the hair and blow drying it in the opposite direction that he would normally wear it. Once dry, comb hair forward then apply Texture Paste lightly throughout. Briskly massage the paste into the hair then blow dry again in the direction the client would normally wear it. Once finished, hair will be smoother, with much less wave.”– Frederick Shober, Stylist

Texture Styling Creme

Tips & Tricks

• “A lot of my male clients want a ‘just out of the water’ surfer look. I recommend towel-drying the hair, applying a dime sized amount of Texture Styling Crème with a quarter sized amount of Firm Hold Gel, and letting it air dry. Break up the hair with your fingers and finish off with the Non Aerosol Hair Spray.” – Christina Mansi, Stylist

• “For the ultimate ‘dirty girl’ look, use this to define curls, expand flat ironed tresses or blow out hair and make it Brigitte Bardot bump ready!” – Steve Elias, Two Time NAHA Winner & Number 4 Style Ambassador

• “Apply to the fringe area after a blowout to create a ‘piecey’ look.” – Olivia Taylor, Number 4 Agent

Thermal Styling Spray

Tips & Tricks

• “Spray on damp hair and blow dry for added heat protection!!” – Steve Elias, Two-Time NAHA Winner & Number 4 Style Ambassador

• “Use as a volumizing spray to add body in roots or all over. This can also be used to add texture to the hair when sprayed in wet or dry. Great style refresher when sprayed in second day hair.” – Kat Nacario, Number 4 Agent

• “Spray all over on wet hair from root to end for a beautiful blow out that has volume, movement and shine.” – Stanley Thompson, Number 4 Agent

• “Use it in sections on dry hair before flat ironing to protect from heat and keep a sleek style.” – Olivia Taylor, Number 4 Agent

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