How to fake curls so hair looks naturally curly

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How to fake curls so hair looks naturally curly

How to fake curls so hair looks naturally curly 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

professional hair care productsBONJOUR DAH-LING!

I think all of us lovely ladies are never satisfied with our natural hair. Those with gorgeous fiery sexy curls long for straight hair, whilst us sleek and straight-haired beauties envy those with a natural bounce. But it’s official. If there’s even been a time to own fake curls that look naturally curly, it’s 2021. The world of beauty and professional hair care products has an ever-growing range of technology to help us achieve all the looks we want. Or if like us, you can’t bear the thought of putting heat on your au natural texture, then you can ditch this and still achieve the look you want without it with the help of N4’s range of professionally inspired and sulfate-free haircare products.

There’s so many choices dah-ling! Take a look at the options below and get curling. We’ve included a few product recommendations to help you “seal the deal” on your naturally curly locks!

The Corkscrew Curling Wand

Going from super straight hair to tight corkscrew curls might not feel so natural, but trust us, corkscrew curls are a very natural look. This is because these types of curls are so tight it almost seems impossible to achieve this style!

However, invest in an extra skinny curling wand and section out your hair and curl away! We’re all about effortless and wearable hair, and a corkscrew wand will give us the curl confidence we’re after. You can tease out your ringlets to give them that perfectly imperfect look for that extra naturalness.

Finish with N4’s Non Aerosol Hair Spray to give a firm, but not stiff hold. You will be one fiery babe with these corkscrew curls!

The Lazy Curls

These are just loose curls at the ends of your hair, it’s gorgeous but looks just as effortless (and natural) as it is to create. Simply grab a curling iron and wrap the mid-to-ends of your hair around it. Switch it up and curl some strands but “mess out” the ends to give it that imperfect and relaxed look you’re after.

Finish off with No.4s Sugar Texturizing Spray for that extra rough and au natural appearance. Dah-ling, you’ll be ready to take on anything with these curls!

The Beach-Wave Curls

Well, hello summer! Okay, but is there a look that’s more natural than beach-wave curls? Imagine you’ve just been for a surf and spent the afternoon drying on the beach in the hot sun. You go back to the hotel to change for the evening and your tan allows you to go bare-face and sun-kissed, and your hair has that beachy-holiday glow and wave to it. Lush, right?!

Lucky for you, we’ve got our Sugar Texturizing Spray to help you very easily achieve this look. Rather than soaking your hair in salty water and the sun (which completely dries out your mane), our spray uses sugar in a declaration of sweet love for hair texture inspired by beach waves. It’s a perfect defense against humidity and will give you the look you want that’s more than just a summer beach fling.

Simply lightly spray onto damp or dry hair and style as desired. We recommend air drying or blow drying with a diffuser for that extra rough/natural curly look.

You’ll be summer-ready all year round with these curls!

The Bathrobe Curls

Oh we know! We ALL live in our bathrobes. Feeling cold? Bathrobe goes on. Feeling sad? Bathrobe goes on. Feeling tired? Bathrobe goes. But dah-ling, you might just have to take it off for this one. There’s one more thing it’s perfect for!

Take the tie off your robe and put it on top of your head. Split each side of your hair into two and braid them around either side of the tie. Et Voila! It’s as easy as that. This may feel silly, but you’ll go to bed and wake up with the most gorgeous curls (they don’t call it beauty sleep for no reason). Finish off with N4’s Fluoro5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil for a glossy and firm-hold finish.

You will be the chicest babe with these natural glossy curls!

We hope you’re feeling inspired to try out one of our fake curl styles. Learn more about our professional hair care products by clicking here.

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