High Performance embodies an entire way of life for Number 4 High Performance Hair Care. It is in everything we do and it is trademarked in our name. It is the way our products perform to how we interact with our salons. High Performance is the standard that we measure everything we create against, to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

High Performance Education- just like our products is the standard in which we teach, inspire, and motivate hair stylists to become the professionals they want to become.

We aren’t satisfied with ‘normal’ product knowledge class, or a simple styling event. Number 4 High Performance Education is about growing, stretching, reaching, and creating from a new standard and bringing this standard to hair stylists worldwide.

Enter a world where clients are happy, products do what they are supposed to, you make more money, and your creativity is endless…

Welcome to High Performance Education, by Number 4.

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