Taking Care Of Your Colored Hair So You’re Summer Ready

Protect Colored Hair

Taking Care Of Your Colored Hair So You’re Summer Ready

Taking Care Of Your Colored Hair So You’re Summer Ready 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Protect Colored Hair for the SummerBONJOUR DAH-LING!

Hotter and sunnier days are soon to come and we can’t wait to be GLOWING! We love that post-beach feel where we’re looking lovely and tanned. Now all we need is to make sure our colored hair is on the same page too.

Why is it important for our hair to be summer ready?

Not only can the sun make our locks dry and damaged, it can also make it greasier meaning we need to wash it more. The more we wash our colored hair, the quicker the color can start to fade, so it’s about finding a good balance.

Additionally, colored hair might be more prone to breakage, especially if it has been bleached. So let’s get our locks looking and feeling stronger and healthier in time for summer, because we all love to let our hair down during the warmer months!

Choose a Hair Color Friendly Shampoo

Beginning your hair care journey should always start with a suitable shampoo. After all, if you’re not washing it with the right stuff then you might be left wondering why it’s not looking and feeling great.

N4’s Clarifying Shampoo is perfect! Not only does it deep cleanse your hair meaning you may not need to wash it as much, but it’s also a colored hair friendly formula!

Its clever recipe works to really cleanse deep into your scalp and strands, but because it’s low-lather, it doesn’t strip moisture and color whilst carrying out its hard work.

To make sure you’re getting the best use we recommend emulsifying a small amount into your hands and massaging into wet hair. We’ll let you in on a little secret— it can also be used as a shower gel for your body too!

Condition, Condition and Yes Dah-ling, Condition

Before summer, during summer, after summer… basically always always ALWAYS condition your precious locks.

Hair color and in particular bleaching can really strip your moisture. Making sure to add a conditioner into your hair routine is vital especially before the hot sun dries it out even more.

One of the best to use is the N4 Hydrating Condition. It comes with a handful (or should we say hairful) of wonderful benefits, such as helping to repair split ends, dryness, frizz and bad stylistic habits. Let us add, like the shampoo N4’s Hydrating Condition is color-friendly.

So dah-ling put your bad hair days and styling tricks in the past and focus on the future with this beauty in a bottle. The key is to add more moisture and that’s exactly what this will do, leaving your hair feeling softer and smoother. Not only that, people will notice! The clever formula contains vitamin B5 so letting your hair down this summer will be irresistible!

Always Use Heat Protection

We all know one of the quickest ways to strip our colored hair of its moisture and damage it is by using heat tools without a heat protector. But do we really think about what damage the sun is causing, even in the cooler months?

N4’s Super Comb Prep and Protect not only saves you from last summer’s hair horrors by strengthening and repairing, it goes further to continue protection. This lightweight leave-in conditioner provides color and UV protection! Pop it in your bag and use it whenever you need to throughout the day.

Take Advantage of Air-Drying

Now, this one is all down to personal taste. Air-drying our hair may leave some looking like a lion’s mane, whilst for others it leaves more of a soft beachy look. Air-drying your locks is just one little extra step to take to help with its protection in time for summer.

To help smoothen the strands for the rest of the day, we recommending using N4s Smoothing Treatment

It’s a strong little duo that will go above and beyond to deliver results!

If you’re looking for an extra dose of protection, read all about N4’s Thermal Styling Spray.

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