Quick Fix SOS Hairstyles For When You’re Running Short On Time

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Quick Fix SOS Hairstyles For When You’re Running Short On Time

Quick Fix SOS Hairstyles For When You’re Running Short On Time 805 1024 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Bonjour Dah-lings


Picture the scene. You forgot to set your alarm before you went to bed last night. You’ve woken up like Sleeping Beauty fresh from her slumber, but your morning schedule is all out of whack, and you’ve precious little time for fiddling with your hair. You definitely can’t fit in your usual bouncy blow dry! It’s going to be one of those days that requires lots of N4 Mighty Hair Spray to tame your mane and banish hair shame.

You’re in desperate need of a quick-fire SOS style. A go-to hairdo that’s guaranteed to smooth those tangled tresses into something sleek and neat and instantly chic! Lucky for you we’ve got a couple of low-maintenance suggestions that will help you achieve perfect hair in less than two minutes.

How’s that for answering an SOS to a damsel in dis-tress!

The Ponytail

How about trying out a smooth and elegant center-parted ponytail? Get ready to give your bad hair day the big heave-ho in a matter of seconds.

To create this sassy look, all you need is N4 Smoothing Balm, a tiny elastic band and some N4 Firm Hold Gel. We promise this will cure your personal case of bed-head.

The Messy Bun

Could there possibly be a better “running late” hairdo than the always fashionable messy bun? It’s totally your best friend. It’s one of those styles where the messier it is, the better it just seems to look! Perfect for those mornings when time is definitely not of the essence.

To achieve this look, again, all you need is a hair band, a few pins and the boosting power of N4 Support Solution, which provides all-day-long body and flexible movement to hold those creative styles perfectly in place. Et voila! Runway-ready hair in minutes. No fuss but plenty of muss!

The “can’t make your mind up,” Half up, Half down do!

You’re all of a dither and can’t quite decide whether you want to go up or down. Dah-lings, embrace the indecision and go with the best of both worlds. This hairstyle is your lifeline. It’s one of those SOS styles that pretty much suits all hair types and lengths, and again, there’s no need to make it look perfect. It’s feminine yet fast and easy to achieve and can also be used to disguise a multitude of hair woes, including lack of volume, growing out roots and dirty hair too.

We recommend you use plenty of N4 Sugar Texturizing Spray to give your hair lots of lovely lift and bounce. The half-up top knot has to reign supreme as the secret weapon against running “out of time.”

So worry not. With these quick fix SOS hairstyles and your favorite N4 styling products by your side, you can still look great, even when you’re running late.

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