Quick Party Fixes for Unruly Hair

Quick Party Fixes for Unruly Hair

Quick Party Fixes for Unruly Hair 450 300 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Once you’ve finished strolling the neighborhood with your caroling crew or after an intense round of White Elephant steals, you take a quick bathroom break only to discover your perfectly done ‘do has come unapologetically undone. If you’re lucky enough, you’ve stashed a few bobby pins or a Mini Darling to help with damage control. Even if you aren’t so well prepared, there are a few tricks you can consistently count on for easy hair fixes that will keep you looking party-polished no matter many halls you deck.


Frizzy Flyaways

Rushing indoors from the cold night air can instantly create frizz and flyaways that leave you looking less festive and more windblown. To combat frizz, we recommend something with touchable hold, like our Texture Styling Crème. A small squeeze the size of a pea is enough to smooth those baby hairs around your temples for frizz-free finish. Forgot to pack your style savers? If you’ve got lotion, you’re in luck! The smallest amount of our Hydrating Body Lotion will provide just enough tackiness to tame flyaways- plus, it smells fantastic!

Stringy Strands

Holiday parties can be tough, because once all guests have arrived, the average room temperature can rise exponentially, resulting in sweaty, stringy strands. If you’ve passed the point of glistening and need to disguise hair moisture, adding Firm Hold Gel will make your inconvenience look intentional. Simply apply a nickel-sized amount of gel and work through the bottom 2/3 of your hair for extra piecey-ness and texture. Suddenly, damp strands look darling as free-flowing waves that appear entirely effortless.

Total Fallout 

Never fear the total fallout: the best advice is to roll with it! If you’ve spent hours constructing an updo that is held together by a few dozen pins, then the reality may be that this hairstyle simply doesn’t work well with your hair length, texture, or cut. While we’ll never advise you to give up on your dreams, the best way to fix fallout is to roll with it. However, if you happen to have a Mini Mighty Hair Spray on hand, you’re in luck! Turn ordinary bobby pins into sticky bobby pins by laying them flat on a piece of tissue or paper towel and spray with hair spray. This trick works especially well for slippery, straight haired ladies.

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