Rainy Day Hair Series – Tassel Earring Pig Tails

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Rainy Day Hair Series – Tassel Earring Pig Tails

Rainy Day Hair Series – Tassel Earring Pig Tails 323 318 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Bonjour, Dah-lings!

In the spirit of a true thunder and lightning storm, you need a style that is minimalistic but features sparkly accessories that keep hair looking cute no matter your stage of soaked. We have a style that features accessories clipped into ‘tails – total brilliance. For those rainy hair days, try tassel earring pigtails for a look that’s sweet, simple, and can survive a serious shower.

To begin, spray damp hair with Thermal Styling Spray for protection from heat damage, and blow dry. Then divide hair in two sections, and secure hair at the nape of your neck behind both ears. Pull hair to tighten the pigtails to your desired tension. Curl the ends using a 1-inch barrel iron or curling wand. Set curls with humidity resistant Mighty Hair Spray. Bend the backs of your tassel earrings and hook into the ponytails of each elastic, covering the earring back. Voila!

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