Rainy Day Hair Tips

Rainy Day Hair Tips, Rainy Day Hair Hacks, Rainy Day Hair, Rainy Day Hairstyles

Rainy Day Hair Tips

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Bonjour Dah-lings!

There’s nothing like waking up to the sound of rainfall outside your window when there’s nowhere to be and you’re responsibility free…just thinking about it has us dreaming up images of curling up beside a fire, wrapped up in our coziest sweater, sipping on something warm and perhaps pumpkin spiced. But if your day requires you to step outside into the dreary weather and face the storm clouds head on, the reality of rainfall quickly loses its warm and cozy allure. Nothing says “bad hair day” quite like a forecast calling for rain, so we accept our fate and take on the day in desperate hope it won’t be the day we meet Prince Charming and are forced to start a love story with (gasp!) flat hair! No, no, no, darling – that won’t do… It’s time we rise to the challenge and take a stand against the gloom with a few hair tricks and one very cute rainy day ‘do.

Rainy Day Hair Tips, Rainy Day Hair Hacks, Rainy Day Hair, Rainy Day Hairstyles

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Start Your Day With A Heat-Protective Spray

Always start a rainy day by misting a heat-protective spray on wet hair. We recommend Thermal Styling Spray. Not only will it replenish hair with much needed moisture and keep it from drying out over time, it creates a barrier against environmental moisture.

Comb, Don’t Brush

Step away from the hairbrush. On a rainy day, ditch your usual hairbrush and stick with a wide-tooth comb instead. It will detangle your tresses while keeping poufing and frizz to a minimum.

Use an Anti-Frizz Product

If there was ever a time to break out the anti-frizz magic, it’s on a drizzling day. From Blow Dry Lotion to Smoothing Balm to Fluoro5 Elixer, our collection has a number of products that aren’t afraid of a little (or a lot of!) static, frizz, or humidity. If you’re especially prone to frizz, we recommend keeping a Mini Darling of your product choice with you at all times for those on-the-go touch ups.

After Styling, Let Hair Cool

Allow your hair to cool completely before stepping out into the elements. If you’re blowing out your strands, use the coolest setting on your blow dryer for the last few minutes of drying. This will ensure that your cuticle has time to fully seal and lay flat so moisture can’t sneak in.

Twist It Up

When all else fails, you need a foolproof and equally fabulous hairstyle to fall back on. Ladies, meet the Hair Twist – easier than a braid and even more chic! For a style strong enough to withstand the elements, we recommend a twisted ponytail. No braiding skills required! The key of pulling off this look is smoothness, so start by prepping damp hair with a detangling spray, such as Super Comb Prep & Protect.

Rainy Day Hair Tips, Rainy Day Hair Hacks, Rainy Day Hair, Rainy Day Hairstyles

Photo Courtesy of @blowoutjunkie


  1. Make a center part from the hairline to the nape of the neck. Twist each section towards the center part and secure with a hair tie.
  2. For a flake-free, pristine finish use Firm Hold Gel to fend off flyaways as needed as you twist your way down.
  3. Twist the two ropes of hair together until you reach the ends and secure with a clear elastic.


With a little knowledge and the right tricks, any day can be a good hair day – whatever the weather! For more hair how-to’s, explore our blog or follow us on social!


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