Rainy Day Hair Series – Wrapped Scarf Top Knot


Rainy Day Hair Series – Wrapped Scarf Top Knot

Rainy Day Hair Series – Wrapped Scarf Top Knot 1024 700 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Bonjour, Dah-lings!

We know the struggle: it’s pretty tough to feel prim and polished when you’re being pelted with rain! Thankfully, you needn’t suffer in stormy silence; there are ways to keep hair looking darling, even in a downpour. The trick to rainy day hair is to use frizz-fighting, humidity resistant stylers and adorable accessories to brighten even the dreariest drizzly day.

Begin by pulling hair back in a ponytail at the crown of your head, smoothing strands as you go with the L’eau de Mar Brush to minimize breakage. Secure it with an elastic, and give your roots a few sprays of Mighty Hair Spray to smooth any flyaways.

Then, fan out the tail of your pony so that the strands are evenly distributed in a circle around the hair tie. Pick a starting point on one side of your head, and begin twisting the ends around the hair tie, tucking and pinning as you go to create a topknot. Pro tip: make your twist on the tighter side- you can always “blouse it out” by gently pulling from opposite sides for added fullness.

Loosely wrap your scarf or headband around your topknot, and once you’ve got it positioned to your liking, pin it in place! You can hide any extra fabric by tucking and pinning, just as you did with the ends of your pony.

Voila! Fabulous hair that can withstand any weather!

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