The Best Rainy Weather Hairstyles

rainy day hairstyles

The Best Rainy Weather Hairstyles

The Best Rainy Weather Hairstyles 526 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

rainy day hairstylesBONJOUR DAH-LING!

Who else feels like there’s a rain cloud that follows them around… but only decides to make its presence fully known when you’re leaving the salon or have just styled your hair? It’s like a little storm cloud comes a rollin’ in the minute you’ve freshly curled your mane.

But dah-ling, don’t let those pesky fluffy things in the sky rain on your parade! You can still be ready to slay the day, even if a downpour is looming large on the horizon. A potential washout is not an excuse to just throw your hair back in a ponytail. Boring hair should not be synonymous with terrible weather.

So at Number 4 High Performance Hair Care we’re here to help you make a stand against bad weather days with our rain-proof recommendations that don’t skimp on style. You could say, we’ve got you covered. You can stand under our N4 umbrella-ella even if it is raining cats and dogs.

Three Foolproof Rainy Weather Hairstyles

The Wet Look

There’s no better way of embracing rainy weather than by channeling the wet look. It’s slick, it’s stylish and it’s seriously sexy. While hair is still wet, work some N4 Styling Foam into the roots and scrunch for lots of extra texture. This is one sultry wet look that certainly won’t be dampening any spirits. This root booster creates velvety and voluminous hair with plenty of nourishing protection against whatever the weather and the day might throw your way.

The Ballerina Bun

A low ballerina bun is one of those perennial styles that’s perfect for an overcast day. Muss it up a bit with a few strategically placed bobby pins and you’ll be ready for four seasons in one day. With an extra spritz of N4’s Sugar Texturizing Spray you’ll be able to ride out any storm.

The Headband Tuck

Such an easy look to carry off and great for any day when your hair just isn’t behaving but you want to try out something a bit more cutesy than your go-to ponytail. Start by placing an elastic headband over your hair, positioned just above your ears. Pull your hair into a ponytail shape using your hands, then start to tuck the ends of your hair up and over the back of the headband to conceal the elastic. Once your hair is tucked in, carry on coiling it around the sides of your head to create the right amount of shape and volume. You can keep it tight to your head for a neat look or fluff it out for a bit of extra drama. Finish all over with N4’s Non Aerosol Hair Spray and you are locked and loaded and on your way to a gloriously good hair day….come rain or shine!

Visit this link for how-to videos and more great styling advice like these rainy day hairstyles.

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