Reasons to Love Your Hair Type


Reasons to Love Your Hair Type

Reasons to Love Your Hair Type 450 300 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Bonjour, Dah-lings!

February is the month of love, and who better to share those warm and fuzzies with than yourself? We all have things we’d like to change about our appearance, but when it comes down to it, it’s much easier to learn to love yourself than to balk at your natural beauty. The grass will always be greener, so why not learn to water your own lawn? After all, for every hair type, we’ve got reasons (and a styling tip or two) that will help jumpstart your love affair with your hair.


Straight Señoritas 

The biggest gripe from women with straight hair is that they can’t make it do anything. They can’t achieve volume, it won’t hold a curl, and- no matter how its styled- it ends up looking flat. These frustrations are understandable, but not insurmountable! The key is to add products that take the ‘slip’ out of straight hair, so that it can be molded into your desired style without weighing it down or making it look greasy. We recommend shampooing with a cleanser that helps remove buildup, which can lead to the ‘lifeless look.’ Clarifying Shampoo is your best bet; it’s great for making the most out of your hair’s natural qualities yet gentle enough to use every day.

For styling, you need products that create significant tension in your strands. Start with Blow Dry Lotion and work it into the ends and mid-shafts of damp hair before flipping your head over and blow drying. Then, style as desired and finish with Non Aerosol Hair Spray.

Wavy Women 

Most women would consider the wavy crowd to be the lucky ones, however, even waves can look disheveled and haphazard if they aren’t properly tamed. If your waves are on the mild side, you most likely straighten your hair, but beware! Heat damage can cause breakage and dryness, so protect hair by first spraying with Thermal Styling Spray. For medium to heavy waves, it’s better to weave the waves in the direction you’d like, as this look is reminiscent of the Victoria’s Secret style everyone covets. You already have the base for this look, so simply allow hair to air dry. Then, use a curling iron to gently bend any unruly sections. Finish with Texture Styling Crème for added definition.

Curl Crushes

Curls are a double-edged sword; when they behave, they are beautiful, but when they revolt, they are crazy-making. Whatever your curl level, there are strategies to managing this type of mane (outside of stuffing it under a hat or in a top knot.) Your first step is to back away from the blow dryer. Seriously, while it may seem logical to apply heat first thing out of the shower, it will only set you back. For loose curls, the scrunch method works best. Simply add Firm Hold Gel for smoothness without stickiness. For extra thick curls that can often turn crunchy, try using a Hydrating Conditioner that will add moisture to ultra-stiff strands.

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