How to Recover from a Hair Hangover

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How to Recover from a Hair Hangover

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So you took to the town, kicked up your heels, let your hair down and suddenly it’s the morning after and you’ve awoken to what can only be described as a serious hair hangover. We feel your pain. If you’ve noticed your locks have lost some of their luster, there’s a good chance last night’s behavior is to blame. But don’t let unruly roots leave you regretting the fun – here’s how to bring your dull, dehydrated hair back to life after a night out.

Start Your Morning with Some Clarity

The first step in the revival process is a shower. It’s time to go bare – but we aren’t talking about your physique, darling…we’re talking about your mane! The only way you’ll be able to do away with last night’s hairspray, lingering aroma, and perhaps questionable life choices (we aren’t judging!) is with a dose of Clarifying Shampoo. This will remove any unwanted residue and product buildup from your strands, giving you a fresh canvas on which to work.

Don’t Forget to Hydrate

The key to curing a hangover? Hydration! And a hair hangover is no different. There’s no better time to treat your tresses to a deep conditioning treatment, like Reconstructing Masque. Deep conditioners pack a powerful and much needed punch because they contain high concentrations of hydrating ingredients. Not to mention, treating your strands to a deep conditioner post-clarifying will help you reap all the moisturizing benefits, since the conditioner can easily penetrate the hair shaft.

Go Natural

Give your strands time to recover by going heat-free, if only just for the day. It will strengthen and revitalize your hair. Think of it as a beauty vacation – just imagine all the extra time you’ll have in your day with no need to blow dry! We know natural hair can be unpredictable, so to calm your anxieties use products that will keep your hair holding its shape and bounce all day. Sugar Texturizing Spray, Styling Foam, and Texture Styling Crème will all do the trick depending on what look you’re after.


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