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Here is the Scoop on How to Use Number 4 Salon Drop Ship Program

  • Personally call or text your clients and check in with them on their hair care needs.  Offer tips and tricks to help your clients maintain healthy hair or test out new styles at home to suit their changing lifestyle needs.
  • Your clients can place their order for Number 4 Hair Care products directly through you and we will ship the products for you from our essential warehouse.
  • Here’s the best part, you have the opportunity to earn your normal profit for servicing your clients, except you don’t have to worry about stocking retail or shipping to your client! Viola!

To Get Started:

  • Step 1 – You control the order process. Take your clients order – at regular retail pricing – as if they were in your chair.

You should also charge them for shipping. You can determine your standard rate.
(For reference we typically charge $7.99 flat rate for consumers .)

  • Step 2 – Receive your client’s payment – whatever method you normally use to bill your clients. That amount goes directly to you.
  • Step 3 – Place the order directly through our professional site www.Number4Hair.com/Professional.

You must be registered as a professional on our site to place orders.
If you are not already registered please click on the top Navigation bar – Professionals
Follow the instructions: Submit your salon information and upload a picture of your professional license.
You will then receive an approval email

  • Step 4 – When you place the order on the number4hair.com website
    • You will place the order and pay for the order as if it were your own- your billing address, your credit card.
    •  You will enter a separate option for ship to location.  List your client’s address as the ship to location.
  • Step 5 – We will package and ship the Number 4 products directly to your clients. You will receive tracking information once the order has been processed and shipped. Then YOU can send this information to your client. (Be sure to remove any wholesale pricing information.) That way they know you are still taking care of their needs.

Now you are making actual retail profit on the products (approx. 50%) and you can maintain your reward $ since we have record of your purchases.
Create your salon experience virtually. Let your clients know how to contact you with any questions, concerns or tips so you can educate them how best to use the products.

You will want to address any concerns as if they were in your personal care.  You and your clients should adhere to the Number 4 Policies and Procedures on the website for returns, damaged merchandise etc.  You can familiarize yourself with our Policies and Procedures available at https://www.number4hair.com/policies/.  Please note that the terms and conditions of the Salon Affiliate and Drop Ship Program are subject to change.

Let us help you create Your Ultimate Salon Experience – while social distancing.  We hope that you find this revenue generating program helpful. You are also welcome to participate in our Salon Affiliate Program https://www.number4hair.com/n4-affiliate-program/ Ask our concierge for details.

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