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Spring Style Hair Care Routine

How To Update Your Spring Hair Care Routine

Bonjour Dah-ling! What is that you associate with springtime? Fresh flowers and beautiful botanicals? Lighter, longer days filled with laughter, sunshine and a cheeky post-work cocktail with the girls? That…

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Shiny Hair Blog

The Secret To Shiny Strands

Bonjour Dah-ling! As we head into the holiday season, our schedules get busier, the weather gets drier and our hair suffers the consequences. Of course, we all want to show…

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josh gordon 734676 unsplash

Tips to Manage Hair in Humid Weather

Bonjour Dah-ling! High-moisture air in the summertime can mean trouble for any hair type. Frizziness and fly aways have a way of wreaking havoc on up-dos and blowouts. Lucky for…

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N4 Golden Globes Blog 5

Golden Globe Inspired Hair Goals

Bonjour Dah-ling! The dresses, the makeup, the hair… Red carpet style is every fashionable girl’s goal, and the 76th Golden Globe Awards were no exception. Here are our top three…

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Trending Now: Gem Roots

Bonjour Dah-lings! Photo Courtesy of @chitabeseau There’s a new trend in town and it’s as colorful as ever! Ladies and gentlemen, meet gem roots – the playful pastel color trend…

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