Seasonal Styles to Make Santa Smile

Christmas Seasonal Styles Number 4 Hair Care

Seasonal Styles to Make Santa Smile

Seasonal Styles to Make Santa Smile 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Chrsitmas 2020 Seasonal Styles


Well ho ho ho and jingle bells. Thanksgiving is done and dusted. You’ve bagged yourself a bargain or ten in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Now it’s time to focus on the next big event in the 2020 calendar.

No, not washing and styling your hair with all the lovely Number 4 Hair Care products you picked up in our sensational seasonal sale. Getting ready to see Santa is what we’re talking about! He’s had special dispensation, along with his reindeers, to travel the globe in his super sanitized sleigh to ensure Christmas 2020 is indeed a Joyeux Noel.

As if this year hasn’t been stressful enough, now you’re wondering how to style your hair for all those virtual parties filling up your zoom calendar.

Fret not my sparkling Christmas fairy. We’re here to take one major decision off your fully-loaded platter.

Our Top Pick Of Stunning Christmas Party Styles

Check out our insta-worthy inspired holiday hair looks, guaranteed to leave everyone feeling hella jealous when your face pops up center screen for that digital disco, shining like the glittering star that you are.

Santa may well have his elves to help lighten his load but you, my dah-ling, have the hottest hairstyling collective right here. N4’s styling team is armed and dangerous with bobby pins and a spritz of Sugar Texturizing Spray to make sure you go to the virtual ball.

Don’t eat the buns; wear the buns!

This is one yummy style! We all love a ballerina bun; such a chic and effortless style. But why just stop at one? This Christmas you have permission to go all out and get stuck into the bun section. Go for two or maybe even experiment with three. What the hell. You can diet in the New Year. How about four buns? Keep them just a little bit messy with a few tendrils hanging loose and you will look bun-tastic. It’s a fun and fresh twist on a classic party look and we love it. All you need is a strategic fine mist of Mighty Hair Spray and you can enjoy “fresh” buns all day.

Wear a band and be in demand!

Instead of decking the halls with bows of holly, how about adorning your head with a band that’s so “extra” those Christmas decorations will look like wallflowers in comparison to your dazzling beauty? Nothing says “zoom Xmas party” better than a bejeweled headband. It’s also perfect if you’re running a bit behind your digital schedule and don’t have time to spend styling your locks. Just grab your favorite frock and some hair bling for instant impact. Secure any strays in place with a little slick of N4’s Smoothing Balm.

We call this one The Party Ponytail

Looking for a new party piece to unveil this year? Then why not try out a high pony with a French twist. Following the lead of A-listers such as Margot Robbie, section the front of your hair into a French plait then pull the rest of your hair into a super high, bouncy ponytail that’s bound to get any party off to a flying start.

Channel the Wet Look and keep it sleek

There are two things you want to be gleaming more than Reindeer’s nose this Christmas; your dewy complexion and your high-shine hair. A look that’s fresh off the Parisian catwalk but easily transitions to life behind the zoom lens, glossy (not greasy) hair is always a firm party favorite. You can easily achieve this style yourself with a little bit of Fluoro 5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil.

Present yourself, tied with a ribbon

Yes we know, you’re truly the best present anyone could ask for this year! But rather than wrap yourself up in paper and position yourself under the tree which might be going just a little bit too far even for you! Why not tie yourself up like a tempting present and add a beautiful black velvet ribbon to a half-up, half-down style. It’s super feminine and festive too.

So there you have it, Number 4 is giving you the gift of beautiful hair with our seasonal style guide that’s easier to pull (off) than a Christmas cracker. Don’t forget, it’s not too late to stock up on sensational stocking fillers from N4’s Mini Collection; luxe minis of all our N4 superior hair care formulas

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