Firm Hold Gel Mini 1.5oz
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Shape, Control & Protect.

For all hair types.


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Flexible, strong hold without stickiness.
For flake-free, pristine finish to any runway ready style. Drama!
For added moldability, mix Firm Hold Gel with Blow Dry Lotion.
On a high ponytail, apply Firm Hold Gel on surface of hair and heat dry for a super shiny finish.
Distribute evenly through damp hair. Blow dry or air dry as desired.
Achieves style, body, control and shine while keeping things flexible, strong and with a touchable hold. Strong flake-free hold without stickiness.

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Father's Day Faves 2024

Father’s Day Faves! Treat Dad to the Perfect Gift: Professional Hair Care from Number 4

Father’s Day Faves! Treat Dad to the Perfect Gift: Professional Hair Care from Number 4 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care


Finding the perfect gift for the special man in your life can be a challenging feat, especially around the time of Father’s Day. We turned to TikTok Influencer, Jon Klassen (@jonklaasen) to ask him what his top picks were, and they did not disappoint! Read on as we reveal what got the seal of approval for his ‘do, and be sure to check out his video to hear it directly from him: Jon Klaasen’s Favorite Number 4 Hair Care Products.

Plus, don’t miss out on stocking up on all of these products during our 30% OFF Sitewide Memorial Day Sale, all long-weekend long! Simply use code “WEEKEND30” at checkout and stock up on your summer haircare must-haves until 5/27 at 11:59 PDT. Let’s get learning, and then get shopping, shall we?

Darlings, these are the products that will only enhance the health and appearance of Dad’s hair but also make daily hair care an enjoyable experience. They’re hardworking and multitasking heroes, just like the main man in your life. Plus, now through 6/17/24, you can enjoy 30% OFF Men’s Faves! Just use code “FABULOUSFATHERS” at checkout, and you’ll be on your way to giving Dad the gift of perfect hair in no time.

Father's Day Faves 2024

Why Professional Hair Care for Dads is Essential

Dads might not always vocalize it, but most of them appreciate looking good and feeling confident just as much as anyone else in the family. High-quality hair care products can make a world of difference, ensuring male hair is healthy, hydrated, and stylishly maintained.

Number 4’s professional hair care range is crafted with premium, paraben-free, vegan, and eco-friendly ingredients that provide outstanding results without any harmful additives. Good for the plant, even better for your dad.

It’s time to upgrade his grooming routine with products that deliver salon-quality care at home. And an added bonus! You can raid his selection of hair care products when you’re running low yourself.

Now, let’s get into Jon’s N4 favorites and why Dad will love them just as much. And don’t miss out on our other Men’s Faves that you can save on, such as Firm Hold Gel, Clarifying Shampoo, and Non Aerosol Hair Spray.

Product Highlight: Hydrating Shampoo

Our Hydrating Shampoo is a standout product and an exceptional all-rounder, a bit like Dad. Specially formulated, it moisturizes and protects hair color while restoring its natural brilliance. Here’s why it’s ideal for men’s hair:

Benefits for Male Hair

  • Hydrates and Moisturizes: Enriched with Vitamin B5, this shampoo deeply hydrates and moisturizes the hair, making it an excellent choice for dads with dry or thirsty hair.
  • Strengthens and Adds Shine: This formula enhances shine and strengthens the hair, giving it a healthy, vibrant appearance.
  • Color Protection: Ideal for dads who color their hair, the shampoo helps maintain and protect hair color, keeping it looking fresh and vibrant.
  • Clean and Lightweight: It effectively cleanses the hair without leaving any greasy residue, ensuring that hair feels light and refreshed.

How to Use and Why It’s Perfect for Dad

The Hydrating Shampoo is incredibly easy to use. Simply emulsify a small amount in your hands, massage into wet hair, lather, rinse, and repeat if desired. The pre-measured pump ensures the perfect dosage every time, making it a convenient addition to any dad’s daily routine. It’s fuss-free which we know he appreciates.

Product Highlight: Hydrating Conditioner

To complement the shampoo, the Hydrating Conditioner from our Hydrate Collection works wonders in providing additional moisture, shine, and condition to the hair.

Complementing the Shampoo for Enhanced Results

The Hydrating Conditioner is designed to work synergistically with the Hydrating Shampoo, enhancing its benefits and providing a comprehensive hair care solution. It helps repair split ends, reduce dryness, tame frizz, and improve overall hair health.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Deep Moisturization: The conditioner’s lightweight yet highly concentrated formula provides deep hydration from roots to ends, leaving hair feeling soft and manageable.
  • Repairs and Strengthens: Its Vitamin B5 formula helps repair and strengthen the hair, making it more resilient against damage.
  • Color Protection: Just like the shampoo, the conditioner offers color protection, ensuring dyed hair remains vibrant and healthy-looking.
  • Easy Application: The pre-measured pump allows for the appropriate dosage, making it easy to apply and rinse out.

Product Highlight: Reconstructing Masque

The Reconstructing Masque is the perfect finishing touch for any dad’s hair care routine. This restorative treatment infuses moisture and protein for lightweight results, effectively detangling and soothing with its rich blend of soy proteins, Vitamin B5, and natural conditioners. These ingredients work in harmony to add shine and deliver a prêt-à-porter glow. Here’s why it’s an ideal addition to your dad’s grooming kit.

Benefits for Dad

  • Intensive Moisturization: The Reconstructing Masque deeply moisturizes, providing intense hydration that leaves hair feeling silky and nourished.
  • Strengthens Hair: Formulated with Soy Protein and Sweet Potato Protein, it reconstructs and strengthens hair, making it up to three times stronger.
  • Repairs Damage: This masque repairs damaged hair and improves its overall condition, making it perfect for dads dealing with hair that’s seen better days.
  • Featherweight Results: Despite its deep conditioning properties, it doesn’t weigh hair down, ensuring it remains light and manageable.
  • Vegan and Free from Nasties: 100% Vegan, Gluten Free, Sulfate & Sodium Chloride Free, and Paraben Free, this masque is as gentle on the planet as it is on your dad’s hair.

How to Use and Why It’s Perfect for Dad

Using the Reconstructing Masque is a breeze. After shampooing, distribute evenly on wet hair, starting at the ends and working up to the scalp. Leave it on for a few minutes to allow the masque to work its magic, then rinse thoroughly. This simple step elevates any dad’s hair care routine, offering salon-quality repair and rejuvenation at home.

Why Your Dad Will Love These Gifts

Imagine your dad’s delight when he receives a thoughtful gift that takes his grooming routine to the next level. With the Hydrate Collection and Reconstructing Masque, he’ll enjoy salon-quality results at home, every day. These products not only improve the health and appearance of his hair but also make daily hair care a pleasurable experience. He’ll be turning heads wherever he goes for all the right reasons!

So why not treat your dad to the gift of good hair this Father’s Day? With Number 4 Hair Care, you can make a tangible difference in his self-care routine and show him just how much he means to you. Plus, it’s a win-win situation for both of you – healthy, stylish hair for him, and a convenient supply of quality hair care products for you. It’s time to upgrade his grooming game with Number 4 Hair Care!

Happy Father’s Day from Number 4 Hair Care!

We hope you and your dad have a fantastic day celebrating the special bond between father and child. And remember, good hair days are just one wash away! Keep shining, dads!  Cheers to all the amazing dads out there!

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Benefits of All Number 4 Products

Flex-net Resins

To provide flexible
style with shine

Humidity Resistant Technology

Reduces friz & flyaways


Shields hair from heat


Easy to cocktail together
or layer in hair


To prevent drying hair


Provides extra conditioning


For all hair types
Use on wet or dry hair

Room for

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Number 4
Liquid Complex Culture

Number 4 Liquid Complex Culture is the backbone of our brand, defining all of our products and drawing upon water and an advanced delivery system that takes beneficial botanical agents and technology to achieve consistent high performance hair care results.


Liquid VibranceTM

Nutritive to hair and scalp, moisturizes and enhances shine. Contains a blend of vitamins and minerals to restore natural vibrancy. Color protecting. Contains Black Currant, Soy Yogurt, Algae, Yerba Mate


Liquid VitalityTM

Contains potent anti-aging properties which promote and enhance youthful vitality. Rich in antioxidants. Contains Acai Berry, Hibiscus, Mangosteen, Vitamin C


Liquid DefenseTM

Hydrates and strengthens. Repairs damage, revitalizes and restores. Helps protect from the adverse effects of heat styling, chemical processing and environmental factors. Contains Burdock Root, Oolong Tea, Irish Moss, Vegetable Protein


Liquid PurityTM

Sulfate & Sodium Chloride free formulas prevent build-up while protecting color and natural sheen. Contains Lemongrass, Gooseberry, Organic Oatmeal, Golden Seal

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