Fancy skipping hair wash day? Try these up-do styles.

Skip hair wash day

Fancy skipping hair wash day? Try these up-do styles.

Fancy skipping hair wash day? Try these up-do styles. 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care


Has hair wash day come around too quickly? We feel your pain. Rather than just scraping it back, read on to find out what styles work for you when you want to skip hair wash day! Spoiler alert… They’re all super easy to achieve using your favorite N4 high performance hair care products.

Skip hair wash day

3 Up-Do Styles to Skip Hair Wash Day

The half braid, half pony

This style is a quick fix that still allows you to have the beautiful criss-crossing of the French braid that’s finished off with a high pony. The French braid at the top of your hair will conceal any signs of it being hair wash day, and any hair grease you might have accumulated can actually work to your benefit, by helping keep the style intact for longer.

Start by making two French braids as if you are going to have them on either side of your head. Once you get to the crown of your head secure each plait with a little band. You’re then going to want to gather all your hair and lift it into a high pony which can be made neat or messy!

Finish off with N4’s Mighty Hairspray to help your locks stay put. It’s just one of the amazing styling products in our vegan hair care range.

The messy half-up twist

What’s a good way of hiding your greasy hair? Disguising it in a messy half up bun!

This seriously cute hairstyle will get those pesky baby hairs off your face and scraped back in a little bun. The beauty of this style is there are no rules to making it look neat. Leave half of your hair down (if it’s looking a little messy don’t worry! It adds to the look) and you can even add in N4’s Sugar Texturising Spray for a gentle wave.

Beforehand, put N4’s Blow Dry Lotion on damp hair to help tame your flyaways.

Scarf it up

If you’re a sucker for an accessory then look no further. This season, using a headscarf as a headband is all the rage. It’s the perfect addition to your look when you want to hide your greasy roots.

Dah-ling, it’s time to let your natural hair loose for this look. Embrace waves by using the N4 Sugar Texturizing Spray. Follow the exact same steps as above and then tie the scarf under your locks so it covers over the top too. As you head into the night, opt for a satin/silky scarf which looks super sleek, but also has amazing hair benefits! Static be gone.

Are you ready to wash your hair and have a build-up of excess styling products from the week? Make sure to check out What the Deal Is With N4s Clarifying Shampoo.

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