The One Break-Up We Can All Do Without!

Woman looking at her hair breakage

The One Break-Up We Can All Do Without!

The One Break-Up We Can All Do Without! 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Woman looking solemnly at her hair breakageBONJOUR DAH-LING!

If your hair is as fragile as your ego dah-ling then do not despair. No matter how dire things might have gotten recently, Number 4 Professional Hair Care can help you repair broken strands.

The great news is that we can help prevent hair breakage from ever happening in the first place.

Let’s face it, break ups in general are bad! Unless of course they’re coffee breaks, a Spring break or even better still, an unexpected tax break!

Hair breakage is generally related to fissures along the shaft of the hair fibre. The strand isn’t lost from the scalp itself, but rather has snapped somewhere en route!

The detrimental effect can still be the same though; hair that is thin, lost and slow to re-grow.

Spot & Prevent Hair Breakage Before It Happens

The great news is that your hair gives you a definite “heads-up” if breakage is imminent!

If you’re bushing your hair and any hair collected in your comb is your usual hair length, that’s GOOD! That’s just natural shedding occurring which is a cyclical event.

However, if the hair collected is either shorter or really uneven, then BEWARE! Fetch the tissues and phone a fiend cos yes, a break-up is on the cards.

Regular trims can help keep strands looking healthy along with taking a break from using hot tools and chemical relaxers for example. Clever layering techniques when you next go for the chop can also be used to minimize and disguise broken bits.

Damaged hair is generally easy to identify compared with healthy hair as it tends to be more frizzy.

So if you’ve noticed that the texture of our hair is much more brittle and dry recently, then it’s a sure tell-tale sign of hair heartbreak in-coming!

There’s nothing that you can do to actually repair hair once the cortex has been physically damaged. But there is plenty you can do to help prevent this from happening in the first place.

So How Can You Fortify Your Hair?

The must-have hair care practice to incorporate in your routine if you are ever going to successfully strengthen breakage-prone hair is of course, MOISTURIZATION!

Remember that hair grows from the scalp however, it’s not actually a living tissue. It can however be treated with several ingredients that will seal, hydrate and better disguise broken ends to help transform brittle hair.

Look for products that are packed with humectants and emollients that lock moisture in place.

And go for natural, botanical ingredients that will help to strengthen and fortify hair, like those found in the N4 organic, anti-aging and gluten-free range.

Rich in antioxidants and containing powerful blends of vitamins and minerals, the entire N4 range has been created to help restore and revive natural vibrancy while our Liquid Defense Complex in particular is your first and last form of yes, you guessed it, defense, against damage.

Discover more about Number 4 Liquid Culture Complex HERE and start strengthening your hair today against potential attacks tomorrow from external environmental factors as well as the natural aging process.

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