The N4 Professional Hair Care Products That Are Spring-approved

Spring Approved haircare

The N4 Professional Hair Care Products That Are Spring-approved

The N4 Professional Hair Care Products That Are Spring-approved 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care


It’s time to start thinking about spring! That’s right, we’re leaving gloomy winter behind and heading into fresher, brighter and more colorful times. And with that, it’s time to think about some go-to products that will help you achieve all of your spring hair goals. As always, you can count on N4’s botanical hair care range to support all your hair goals.

Spring Approved haircare

The Spring-Approved product for natural looking waves

You’ve heard of sea-salt spray, right? Number 4’s Sugar Texturizing Spray aims to do the same job, minus the disadvantages of salt, such as dehydrating your hair. It adds a sweet love to your hair texture through simple sugar cane molecules and flexible styling aids.

Say goodbye to limp and lackluster strands, and hello to the ‘I’ve just walked off the beach’ look when you use N4s Sugar Texturizing Spray.

Simply spray into your hair and just like that, you have beautiful beach wave inspired hair!

The Spring-Approved product for sleek and simple

We’re absolutely loving that sleek and simple styles are still trending! From slicked back buns, to ponytails, to even plaits.

To get any of the above, you need to start by evenly distributing N4’s Firm Hold Gel through damp hair, and blow/air dry as desired. Starting with this step will help to protect your hair against the humidity while achieving style, body, control and shine (plus a firm hold!).

Grab your hair brush and scoop your hair up into a pony – you can go as high or low as you like. Just make sure the front of your hair is completely slicked back, and you can even use the paraben free hair gel on top of what you’ve already used to ensure even the small flyaways are scooped back.

It’s the perfect minimal look.

The Spring-Approved product for glossy locks

Dah-ling, didn’t you hear? Dull winter hair is out and glossy spring strands are in! And all you need is N4s little bottle of magic, the Fluoro5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil another fantastic product from the high performance hair care range.

It’s the must have fashion hair accessory to take with you everywhere. It’s a lightweight treatment serum with Fluorosilicones that illuminates hair and gives it an irresistible time-defying shine. Even just the sound of it reminds us of Spring.

Simply add 1-2 pumps of this botanical based serum to wet or dry hair and you’ll be left with dazzling results! Head out of the house and let the light reflect off your gorgeous, glossy locks!

A bonus is that whilst it looks amazing in the sun, the formula actually provides UV and humidity protection. Oh yes, it’s also vegan friendly and anti-aging too.

If glossy locks is what you’re after then make sure to read How to Embrace Bigger, Brighter and Shinier Hair next!

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