Spring into Love: The Ultimate Bridal Hair Care Guide for Spring Brides

Bridal Bundle

Spring into Love: The Ultimate Bridal Hair Care Guide for Spring Brides

Spring into Love: The Ultimate Bridal Hair Care Guide for Spring Brides 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care


It’s that time of year when love wafts through the air like a hint of freshly baked croissants on a crisp Parisian morning. It’s not just the birds chirping the sound of romance; it’s wedding season! And if you’re a bride-to-be, the excitement must be as effervescent as a Moët champagne fountain and as sparkling as your favorite opal necklace.

But hold on to your tiaras, for no fairy tale is complete without sensational tresses, and at Number 4 were here to illuminate your way to bridal hair heaven with the most delightful, yet essential, hair care advice for your big day. From quick fix tips to product lowdowns, you’ll feel like Audrey Hepburn looking into a Tiffany’s window, only you’ll be gazing at the reflection of a radiant bride – and by that, we mean YOU!

Bridal Bundle

The Bridal Bundle: Every Bride’s Armoury!

This May, as you prepare to say, “I do” to your boo, you might also want to say a big “Oui oui” to the Number 4 2024 Bridal Bundle that offers some of top-selling stylers at 30% OFF. 

We’ve lovingly curated this collection to be your hair’s ultimate companion. It might not contain something old, something new, something borrowed or something blue, but what we can confirm is that it includes everything you need to kiss your locks with affection on your big day, and every day.

Bridal bundle products

For blushing brides-to-be, our bundle features Mighty Hair Spray for a divine veil against the unruly winds of change, N4 Smoothing Balm as a love letter to frizz-free days, and the illustrious Fluoro 5 to add a flourish of floral flexibility, all for only $63, valued at $90! 

This year’s Bridal Bundle really is a symphony in both scent and grace.

For the modern bride, preparation is not just key—it’s an art form, and at Number 4, our botanical hair care products are designed with all brides (and their extended bridal parties) in mind.

The Pre-Wedding Mane Plan

Leave no strand untended in the pursuit of perfection! The road to bridal bliss starts with a plan. Schedule your hair trials well in advance, and make every salon visit a celebration. A toast to the up-do that you’ll eventually say ‘I do’ in!

Here’s the top 3 Number 4 stylist approved tips on how to prepare for the “mane” event:

Trial and Vogue

If there’s one mantra to believe in, it’s that practice makes perfect—especially when it comes to your nuptial mane. Plan multiple hair trials to experiment with different styles and products. Don’t hold back; try that tousled side-bun or those cascading curls. Each style you discard brings you closer to ‘the one’. You’ll know when it’s time to say yes to the head dress!

The Royal Treatment

Your hair should feel like it’s basking in pampered royalty in the months leading up to the wedding. Indulge in a nourishing routine that includes the products from your Bridal Bundle. Treat your locks with the love and care they deserve, and remember, your hair is your crowning glory and you Darling, as a Queen.

The Scents and Sensibilities

In the quest for the best hair, don’t forget the power of scent, because it’s a detail often left behind. Fragrance is the unseen veil; the emblem that lingers long after you’ve made your exit down the aisle and sashayed onto the dance floor. Opt for paraben-free products that not only nourish but also infuse your hair with the fresh, loving scent of a spring bouquet. Many brides pick out a wedding fragrance, be sure to do the same for your hair. With the infusion of N4 botanicals your hair will smell as divine as your bridal bouquet.

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Tips For the Big Day

On the day you step into your forever future, ensure your hair is equally ready to rise and shine to the occasion. The secret to a calm wedding day morning lies in organization. Have all your favorite Number 4 professional hair products lined up and ready, each with its role to play.

The Touch of Stylish Elegance

Ensure that your stylist is well-practiced in the intricacies of your preferred style. From the Fishbone to the Chignon to the Boho Braid, every twist and strand should be a love song. Trust in the products of your N4 mighty Bridal Bundle; their loyalty and staying power is unmatched, their execution flawless. We didn’t name our hairspray Mighty on a whim! It truly won’t let you down with its weightless formula.

The Final Flourish

As you take your vows, you should not be worried about your hair falling out of love with you! Here’s where Fluoro5, the ultimate hair serum, steps in. Perfect for last-minute touch-ups and capable of imparting stellar shine, Fluoro5 is the anchor that secures your fairy tale transformation, ensuring your hair remains as vibrant and alive as the memories of your special day.

Pearl Necklace bridal bundle

Post-Wedding Preserve

The magic doesn’t have to end with the toss of the bouquet. Keep the enchantment of the day and your gorgeous hairstyle alive for longer with the assortment of products in your N4 Bridal Bundle. It’s also the perfect honeymoon companion. Just because your stylist isn’t with you doesn’t mean your hair should fall out of step with your pursuit of romance.

Achieving bridal hair perfection doesn’t have to be daunting. It can be delightful, and with N4 botanical hair care products, it’s a rendezvous with elegance and excellence. Indulge in the Bridal Bundle on sale starting May 1st, and take the first step towards a beautiful, spring bridal experience crafted with love. Your hair is your canvas and your wedding a masterpiece in the making. 

Congratulations, Darling! 


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