Styles We Predict Will Bloom This Spring

Styles We Predict Will Bloom This Spring

Styles We Predict Will Bloom This Spring

Styles We Predict Will Bloom This Spring 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Remove hair product build-upBONJOUR DAH-LING!

There’s only one main place where our heads turn for the upcoming hair trends, and that’s the runaway. Over the last month we’ve seen some of the most iconic looks of 2022 so far at the fashion weeks, and we’re not just talking about the clothes.

Fashion weeks are where some of the world’s most talented hairstylists create looks that will inevitably be seen with trendy clothes throughout the upcoming season. So if you’re in need of catching up and a little look at what’s been seen on the catwalk, look no further. Because after all, you trendy chicks deserve the latest and greatest advice and styles and Number 4 is always here to be your guide.

So far we’ve seen in more than just a few looks the ultra-sleek middle parting. So if you’ve been battling it and longing for side bangs that were so 10 years ago, we think it’s time to step down and accept what the runaway is predicting.

There was a real mix of sleek, casual and ‘choose your fighter’ styles because it’s 2022, and women aren’t just strong characters, they look the part too!

Read on to find out some of the styles we predict will bloom this spring.

Sleek, Low Buns

We saw Fendi and Jonathan Simkhai style their gorgeous models with low and sleek buns, both illustrating the look for more of a casual or daytime approach. Whilst this hairstyle is effortlessly chic and can take you from queen of the workplace to a spring princess at a wedding, you can definitely also take the look into night time as it will work with any outfit!

So, how do you master the perfect sleek and low bun?

If you’ve just washed your hair, then we recommend applying N4s Smoothing Balm to your damp locks. For all of you lovelies with unruly locks, this first and extra step helps to create a polished style. It’s super easy to use and just needs to be distributed evenly through hair, and then blow dry as you usually would.

Gather your hair in a low pony, whilst making sure it’s all neat and tidy. Tame those pesky flyaways with N4 Firm Hold Gel. Trust us when we say you’ll be left with the glossiest locks! You then simply just twist your pony into a bun and secure it with hair ties or grips – whatever your preference. Voila!

Slick and Straight

Last year was all about bedroom heatless curls and this year we’re switching to straight! But, it’s definitely another effortless and easy style to try out. We recommend starting again with N4s Smoothing Balm as this is a great extra step to ensuring the smoothest finish.

Depending on your hair type, you can go over your strands with straighteners, but of course using the Super Comb Prep and Protect in advance to shield your precious locks from the heat.

If there’s one thing we hate, it’s those annoying little flyaways! They have a mind of their own and it’s time they were put in their place. That’s why using N4s Fluoro5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil is a must. This little bottle of liquid gold will keep your hair looking slick whilst also adding an irresistible shine.

You will certainly turn heads!

Middle Parting No Matter What

Okay so if you weren’t sure, we are super serious about the middle parting. We do apologize to those wishing for the chunky side-swept bangs, you’d totally rock them, but the middle parting is also calling your name.

You may be wondering how to pull off the look. This works for all hair types and textures! But to really define the parting we recommend opting for smooth hair. The good news is that this doesn’t just apply to straight haired girlies. Curly-haired babes can also get smooth locks without the need to apply heat!

Simply use the N4 Texture Styling Creme on wet or dry hair! It’s perfect and gives you a very lightweight finish whilst also being extremely flexible to your locks. Just like the style you’re aiming for, the product is suitable for ALL hair types and textures, and it will define your natural texture whilst smoothing.

It’s the must have item for 2022.

Headscarves And All The Clips

There’s always one staple accessory catching our attention! Well this season there’s two, and we’re actually so glad they’re both so different. Clips come in all different sizes and colors. Some are embellished with pearls and diamonds, others strike bold colors of the rainbow, and some are discreet and simply offer stability.

Headscarves literally scream summer to us, and dahling, you’ll fit right in to the Parisian aesthetic! Strut down the street and look like a fierce yet mysterious woman with your black shades and bold head scarf.

If you’re looking for multiple styles using a headscarf, we recommend reading How To Style Your Hair With A Headscarf

Basic Braids

We couldn’t be happier that braids are here to stay with us! Back in December 2021 we predicted that braids would be rocking the year 2022, and we must say we’re delighted to see them this Spring.

Easy baby braids have made the rounds on famous faces such as Hailey Bieber and Addison Rae, and we were treated with a glimpse of them on Altuzarra’s models; strutting the runway with face framing braids. What’s our next prediction? We think these will be here to stay all throughout summer too!

Even Studio 189 pulled together some casual pigtails and braids that may have looked cute, but really emphasized the whole much more natural and clean look we’ve adopted with fashion, makeup and hair since the pandemic.

We have the ULTIMATE guide on the Hottest Hair Trends of 2022, where you’ll find step-by-step tutorials on how to master pigtail braids, baby braids and a braided pony.

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