Styling Tips for Bangs

Bangs, Shag Hair, Shag Bangs, Bang Tips

Styling Tips for Bangs

Styling Tips for Bangs 506 590 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Bonjour Dah-lings!

Bangs are one of the easiest ways to change up your look without having to sacrifice length or change your color. But for such a quick hair makeover, they can take a considerable amount of upkeep. We wouldn’t exactly describe them as low-maintenance. To keep your bangs from behaving badly, we’ve put together a few must-know tips that are sure to make fringe life a bit easier.

Bangs, Shag Hair, Shag Bangs, Bang Tips

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Don’t Wait To Style

Blow out your bangs the moment you hop out of the shower. Bangs air-dry quickly, and once they do it can be tricky to fight against their natural shape. The sooner you style, the easier it is to manipulate them and the better your results will be. To dry, point the nozzle of your blow dryer down toward your forehead and brush your bangs from side to side until dry. This will add volume, keeping them from laying flat to your forehead.

Less Is More

When it comes to styling products and your bangs, less is more. Too much product will only weigh your bangs down and make them look oily. While you may be able to get away with using no product, most Mademoiselles need a little something to keep cowlicks and flyaways in place. If you fall into the latter category, apply a small amount of Texture Styling Crème to the fringe area after blow-drying for a perfectly piece-y and frizz-free look.

Mind Your Forehead

The last thing you want is your fresh fringe soaking up your skincare products and making your hair look greasy. We aren’t suggesting you skip your daily moisturizer or sunscreen, but give your skin time to absorb any products, keeping your bangs off your face until then – around 10 minutes or so. If you want to be extra safe, use blotting paper on your forehead before releasing your bangs. Pro Tip: lightly mist the underside of your bands with Mighty Hair Spray to create a moisture barrier between your hair and your forehead.

No Blow Dryer? No Problem

When blow-drying isn’t an option and you’re forced to embrace your natural texture, the secret is all in the twist. Instead of fighting your bangs to fall straight (a battle you’re sure to lose), split your bangs at your part and twist them outward. Push the twists to either side, and leave them alone until your hair is dry. This will keep your strands from drying in all different directions, and no one will ever know you skipped the blow-dry!

Take A Bang Break

For those days when all else seems to fail and you just can’t get your bangs to cooperate, there’s no better go-to than the sleek ponytail. It’s fashion forward, easy to do, and sure to relieve you of your fringe-related woes. Start by flat ironing hair from root to end. Next, apply Firm Hold Gel to the hairline and use a brush to pull your hair into a high pony and secure with elastic. Not only will the gel hold your bangs in place, it will give your locks a smooth, shiny finish that won’t leave hair hard or crunchy.


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