Sugar Is The New Salt


Sugar Is The New Salt

Sugar Is The New Salt 472 591 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

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Sugar Spray, Sugar Texturizing Spray

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Mastering the art of perfectly imperfect beach waves is no easy task and if you have managed to achieve the impossibly pretty style, you likely owe much of your success to a salt spray. But did you know that overusing salt spray could actually have seriously negative side effects on your hair? It can dry out your strands, especially those fragile ends, and lead to tangling, split ends, and breakage. But before you gasp in horror at the idea of a life sans salt, we have good news! Now, there’s a new way to get beachy texture without the dryness…. say hello to the newest addition to the Number 4 family and your summer beauty arsenal – Sugar Texturizing Spray!

A Word on the Sweet Stuff

Sugar Texturizing Spray transforms limp, lackluster strands into loose, touchably soft waves. Not only does it add texture, the spray’s sugar cane molecules and anti-static properties moisturize, strengthen, and nourish strands. It also aids in defense against humidity to help build a long-lasting relationship with texture that’s so much more than just a summer fling. Combined with flexible styling aids, it’s exactly what you need to achieve piecey waves that radiate gloss and shine, no matter the weather. Humidity and heat don’t stand a chance!

What’s the Difference?

We like to think of sugar spray as salt spray’s sweeter cousin. They operate differently for essentially the same endgame – perfectly undone texture. Salt spray is more dry and course on the hair, leaving it with that characteristic gritty texture. Sugar spray does away with any crunch and has a softer and more conditioning effect, which feeds dehydrated strands and leaves it with a serious sheen.

How To Get Your Sugar Fix

If tousled waves is what you’re after, add Sugar Texturizing Spray to dry hair, flip upside down, and shake. It’s a great way to enhance a slept-on style or a second or third day look. And Sugar Spray is good for so much more than just beach waves! You can apply it to dry hair prior to updo styling for added texture, hold, and shine. For stage-ready, rocker chic style, apply it to hair that has been treated with Support Solution and Blow Dry Lotion and dried with a diffuser, or on flat ironed or curled hair for bed-head definition. The possibilities are truly endless!

The fact that we can get surf-ready waves in a matter of seconds without putting your hair’s health at risk or braving beach traffic? Now that’s having your cake and eating it, too! To stay up to date on our newest products and all things hair-related, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social!

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