Summer Hair Detox

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Summer Hair Detox

Summer Hair Detox 1024 718 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

courtney clayton 352451 unsplashBonjour Dah-ling!

As much as we hate to admit it, summer is coming to an end and our bodies aren’t the only thing needing a detox. A season full of fun in the sun means your hair has been absorbing rays and soaking in up chlorine and salt water – your tresses have been through the ringer this summer. Thankfully, our N4 Summer Hair Detox Kit includes everything you need to revive and replenish your hair, so you’ll sparkle into the Fall.

Clarifying Shampoo

If your hair is fried from exposure to the sun and other environmental factors, our N4 Clarifying Shampoo is sure to bring your tresses it back to life. Not only is it gentle enough for daily use, but it also helps to lift away mineral deposits from hard water, chlorine, and other chemicals that latch onto hair. when you’re in the pool.

PRO TIP: Use our N4 Hydrating Conditioner afterwards to treat your newly cleansed locks to for an extra boost of moisture. boost.

Reconstructing Masque

Turn the moisture up even further with our N4 Reconstructing Masque. It’s a This high-powered hair conditioner that provides deep nourishment and aids in helps healing damaged hair. Keeping your locks shiny and frizz-free means keeping them hydrated, so work our Reconstructing Masque regularly into your hair care routine. Once a week at least once a week, more if your hair feels it needs a little extra TLC. is the minimum, but if you notice your hair asking for a little extra TLC, increase to twice or three times a week.

Fluoro 5 Restore and Repair Oil Packette

If you’re having an end-of-summer hair emergency, Fluoro 5 is like calling your 911. It works to heal serious surface damage, and can be your best friend for last minute touch-ups. This is a non-greasy, lightweight hair repair treatment serum that includes Fluorosilicones. Fluorosilicones, which provide UV and humidity protection, while treating your hair to dazzling results! And, mix Fluoro 5 into any of our stylers to turn transform them into treatments.

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We know you, dah-ling, and you’re not one to stay locked inside with when the weather outside is glorious. Sometimes more is more, and you don’t have to repent for living the longer days to the fullest. Just grab our Detox kit, and head outdoors and into Fall with style.

For a limited time, you’ll receive all the products in our N4 Summer Hair Detox Kit for only $20! But hurry – because just like summer itself – this deal won’t last forever.

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