Summer Hairstyles That Are Perfect for a Picnic, Pool Party or BBQ

Woman with freckles and redhair in summer hairstyle

Summer Hairstyles That Are Perfect for a Picnic, Pool Party or BBQ

Summer Hairstyles That Are Perfect for a Picnic, Pool Party or BBQ 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

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Large scale celebratory events may still be off the communal agenda but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate America in style with your very own social bubble. Our team of behind-the-scenes stylists and haircare supremos have your summertime BBQ and picnic hairstyles covered. No matter how low-key the festivities, you can still turn heads with summer hairstyles that are totally pull-off-able!

Outdoor parties and hot blistering heat are no excuse for flyaways and frizzy hair. So why not embrace the humidity and celebrate America in style with 30% of everything at Number 4 High Performance Hair Care. Simply use code SUMMER30 when you check out.

Not sure what products to top up on? Then stick around as we take you through our top pick of the cutest picnic and BBQ hairstyles to rock this 4th July and beyond.

Why not match your hair, to your mood?

  • Feel like flaunting those big bouncy curls? Just go for it! BBQ’s and big curls are a match made in heaven! Use N4’s Smoothing Balm to ensure lots of lovely curl definition and separation.
  • Running out of time and feeling low-key today? Pile it up in a disheveled top knot. It’s a super minimal maintenance look that’s perfect for picnics. Don’t forget to put some of N4’s Fluoro5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil through your ends to add a little bit of summer style shine.
  • Feeling kinda cutesy? How about adding a sweet little side braid? It’s an easy way of reigning in flyaways, especially when you use a little bit of N4’s Non Aerosol Hair Spray to tame those strays.
  • Want to keep your hairstyle chic and casual because you have a pair of stunning statement earrings that need to do all the talking? Then simply tuck your hair behind your ears and secure with a couple of hidden bobby pins. It’s such a simple and elegant statement style. A little bit of of N4’s Texture Styling Creme worked behind through the hair and tucked behind the ears will ensure your look is held in place without stickiness or stiffness.
  • Finally, feeling daring and fancy flashing a bit of shoulder flesh for the festivities? Maybe with a statement one-shoulder jumpsuit? Then choose a sleek side ponytail. This way you’re displaying the details of your outfit as well as the hard work you put into honing that physique during lockdown! Don’t worry if your bangs are growing out and you’ve not yet had a post COVID cut. Use a couple of strategically placed bobby pins to prevent those bangs from popping out and showing off your summer hairstyles! We also recommend a finishing spritz of N4’s Mighty Hair Spray.

There’s no excuse not to look your best this 4th July. It’s all about being chic and keeping it simple during the summer season. So whatever you’re doing to celebrate America this year, be sure to do it in style. Don’t forget to take advantage of that site wide discount. Take 30% off all of the products mentioned above with the code SUMMER30.

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