A Summer of Healthy Hair


A Summer of Healthy Hair

A Summer of Healthy Hair 591 521 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Bonjour Dah-lings!

With summer just around the corner, it’s time for a beauty routine refresh. With a little know-how and a few essential products, you’ll be enjoying every beach day, bonfire, and swan pool float without a (hair) care in the world!

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Celebrate the start of a season with a trim.

Kick off the summer with a fresh start…literally! The sun will do extra damage to hair that’s already dry, so if you remove those dead ends, you’ll be setting yourself up for healthy hair success. Think of it like pruning a flower – snipping the ends creates strength.

Shield your strands from the sun.

The summer sun might do wonders when it comes to achieving that enviable golden glow, but it’s not nearly as kind to your strands. Make a daily habit of applying a hair care product that contains UV filters. These products protect hair from sun damage while keeping color-processed hair from fading. Even if it doesn’t technically burn, UV rays break down the cuticle, leaving your strands dry, damaged, and frizzy – no thank you! Super Comb Prep & Protect is a leave-in conditioning spray that strengthens and protects with UV/Color Polar Shield. We recommend using it after shampooing and prior to styling – because skipping out on sun protection for your strands is one big beauty faux pas!

Prevent (and reverse) damage with a mask.

The sun’s rays are harsher in the summer, so even if you aren’t lounging beachside every day, your hair can still get damaged when you’re outside. For dry, brittle tresses, a hair mask is a good place to start. Unlike a conditioner, masks provide deeper, more intense hydration. Using a restorative treatment like Reconstructing Masque once a week is key to maintaining moisture.

Embrace the au natural.

This may be hard to hear, but if you’re truly rehabbing your ‘do, step away from the hot tools. Before you fall into an all out panic at the idea of doing away with your blow dryer, hear us out. You can still put together a beautiful style with minimal effort and no heat – you just need the right product. Sugar Texturizing Spray allows you to rock your natural hair, transforming lackluster strands into loose, touchably soft waves that won’t be phased by humidity.


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