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Sweaty Hair Help

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Bonjour dah-ling!

The new year brings a fresh, new opportunity to look and feel your best. For many people, this means getting back into a fitness routine to drop some of the pounds they may have gained over the holiday season. Whether your thing is hot yoga, spin class, or bootcamp, breaking a sweat is great for your mind and body but not a great look for your hair.

If your schedule leaves little time for a full wash and dry after your sweat sesh, try these styles and tips to keep your post-workout hair looking as clean, frizz-free and chic as possible.

Prep and Protect

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Just like with saltwater, repeat exposure to sweat (and central heat this time of year) can cause your strands to dry out. It’s important to shampoo and condition with products that don’t strip essential oils. Our Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner are sulfate & sodium chloride free and will leave hair looking healthy and hydrated – the first step to any great style!

Feeling Outdoorsy? If the gym is not your thing, we feel you mon amie! Before you head out for your next hike, run, or extended period of time in the sun, be sure to protect hair from the harsh UV rays that can strip your color. Spray Super Comb Prep and Protect onto locks to detangle, strengthen and protect against damage from heat, sun and environmental factors.

Go with the Flow

Don’t fight your hair’s natural tendency to curl or wave when wet. Before your next workout, spray your hair with Sugar Texturizing Spray before plaiting hair into one large or a few smaller braids. Alternatively, you could also twist hair into a bun, or several smaller buns. After your workout, take out your braids or buns and apply a dime-size amount of Texture Styling Creme, what you’ll be left with are beachy waves without the frizz, tres belle! Bonus: The light scent of Patchouli and Spanish Moss in the spray will leave your hair smelling fresh and clean.

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Don’t Crimp Your Style

Sweeping hair back into a ponytail is easy-peasy and keeps hair in place while you work out. Want the style sans the award kink and breakage you’re often left with when you take your hair out? Instead of pulling hair back with a regular elastic, try using a creaseless or traceless hair ring. These plastic hair holders won’t leave a dent in your do!

Now that you know that post-workout limp, lifeless locks and frizz are a thing of the past, you can really commit to getting fit!

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