Sweetheart Hairstyles: guaranteed to put the swoon into date night!

Sweetheart Hairstyles from Number 4 Hair Care in 2021

Sweetheart Hairstyles: guaranteed to put the swoon into date night!

Sweetheart Hairstyles: guaranteed to put the swoon into date night! 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Valentines Day 2021


Looking for cute date night sweetheart hairstyles to woo your boo this V-Day? Why not let N4 bring the glamour with our range of stylers, perfect for creating the most sizzling looks.

Whether you’re dining a deux indoors or eating al fresco under the stars, get ready to turn up the heat. And we don’t just mean with those hairstyling tools. Things are about to get hot, hot, hot (someone call the fire service!)

From desk to date, day-look to night-glam, romance is most definitely on the menu this year. With this sweet styling treat, you’ll look good enough to eat.

Try this easy Valentine Hairstyle

60s Glam High Pony

This 2021 redux of the always popular high pony comes with a strong nod to the sizzling 60s. We’re talking va-va-valentines glamour, Bardot style. Warning! This look might leave your other half seriously hot under the collar. It’s all about looking glossy and glam. You might just skip the starter and the main course, and head straight to dessert.

To get the look:

1. Start by creating a strong side parting with lots of definition.

We adore a little bit of N4’s Smoothing Balm. This multi-functional product is perfect for smoothing out strands to create a sharp side parting.

2. Then pull the hair up into a high ponytail and secure with an elastic rubber band.

3. Next swoop the front section of your hair (or bangs) over to one side and pin behind the ear.

4. Take a small piece of hair from the base of your ponytail and wrap around the hair to disguise your rubber band.

5. Grab your flat iron and work through the ends to create a sexy “flick”, If you add a little bit of N4’s Texture Styling Creme to the ends, you’ll achieve gorgeous light separation and sublime texture with added shine.

6. And finally, complete with plenty of your favorite hairspray to ensure that your pony stays put when date night meets its steamy conclusion! There are two choices in the Number 4 professional hair care range.

Ultra glam vibes. Check! Perfect date night? Fingers crossed!

Here’s Your Exclusive Invitation

Learn how to re-create more “sizzling” sweetheart hairstyles from N4’s education director, Tim Abney.

With over 20 years experience at the highest level and a plethora of top global fashion events under his styling (and may we add oh-so stylish) belt, Tim will motivate and inspire you to create something sensational… putting the dah-ling back into date night!

Just in time for Valentine’s, you can join Tim live on Channel 4 Instagram, Feb 9th 12:00pm PST as he demonstrates how to dish up a delight.

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