The Beauty of Balayage

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The Beauty of Balayage

The Beauty of Balayage 482 592 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Hello Dah-lings!

Forget the foil, there’s a new color technique taking over! Balayage is the biggest trend in hair color application since the ombre took center stage a few years back. And although this technique isn’t exactly new to the neighborhood, it’s making waves in salons like never before. But what exactly is balayage, you may ask? If you thought the term was French for some fancy dance move, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve got balayage on the brain and I’m sharing it all, darlings! Get ready to develop a serious color crush and don’t say we didn’t warn you…

Balayage, natural highlights, hair color, ombre Balayage is a French word (no wonder it’s so fabulous!) meaning “to sweep” or “to paint.” Unlike other color techniques, balayage is done totally freehand, so stylists can release their inner Van Gogh. The colorist strategically paints the color directly onto the hair, using various shades to achieve natural looking highlights full of depth and dimension. Because the color is applied on specific sections of the hair’s surface and not fully saturated from root to tip, you don’t have to worry about harsh color lines. Instead, you are left with soft, sunkissed strands that are usually only achieved by spending endless hours in the sun.

While the word itself may be difficult to spell, keeping up the color is not! The color is applied by hand with detail to avoid lines of demarcation. Translation: the color grows out naturally, so roots are a thing of the past. Low-maintenance babes, rejoice! Your hair will look just as fabulous a month after your salon visit as it did on the day of!
Balayage, natural highlights, hair color, ombre

Balayage works on all babes, no matter your hair length or color. While it’s most commonly seen on blondes, using balayage on brunette and auburn hair is a great way to achieve multidimensional color. It best complements tousled, undone styles such as beachy waves, because these styles show off the various color tones weaved throughout the hair.

The key to great color is making sure the hair being colored is in good condition. So before jumping on board the balayage train, treat your mane to a little extra tender loving care. We recommend using our Clarifying Shampoo a day before your appointment to remove any product buildup and finish with a deep conditioning treatment; five minutes of our Reconstructing Masque will replace any moisture lost during the coloring process.

As with any color treatment, make sure to take extra care of your hair in the days that follow. Our Hydrating Shampoo offers serious color protection, moisturizes without weighing hair down, and is 100% sulfate and sodium chloride free. It has everything you need to keep your strands healthy and your color shining bright long after you’ve left the salon, so you can take to the streets and show off your new prêt-a-porter glow!


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Photos Courtesy of @prettylittleombre

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