The Best Ways to Protect Your Hair from the Sun

Protect Your Hair from the Sun with Number4 Hair Care

The Best Ways to Protect Your Hair from the Sun

The Best Ways to Protect Your Hair from the Sun 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care



Even if you’re not jet-setting off to St Barts (again) this year, doesn’t mean you should be neglecting your hair. You slather your face and body in sunscreen. You even make sure to cover off those pesky, often forgotten, trouble spots like your eyelids and the tops of your hands. Let’s face it. Who hasn’t nodded off on a sunlounger, sans hat or sunnies to wake up with burnt lids. Ouch!

But what about your hair?

OK, so it might not technically burn, per se, but if sure does get damaged by the UV rays.

The result?

Dry, damaged, dehydrated and yes, downright frizzy strands.

So what’s the solution?

Patience dah-ling! We have exactly the product you need to maintain healthy and hydrated hair. The key to healthy hair is a healthy, hydrated scalp. If you invest in just one new product this season, make sure it’s Number 4’s multi-tasking Super Comb Prep & Protect.

This lightweight but super penetrative leave-in spray is perfect to spritz pre and post taking a shower and before heading out into the sunshine. It refreshes and protects hair all day long without ruining your style. It’s versatile enough to use both wet and dry and is packed with not only color protecting properties but, more crucially for your scalp and strands, an extra dose of UV protection.

We like to think of Super Comp Prep & Protect as sunscreen for your hair. Only without any of the stickiness of a cream. It gets to work immediately, creating a super protective shield for your strands while locking in luscious moisture and sensational shine. Yes, it really is that good!

Honestly, it’s a sun bag and gym bag essential sweeties. It’s a summer essential.

Even if you’re only outdoors for a few minutes, not hours, a day, the harsh sun can wreak havoc on your hair. But the great news is that summer heat also opens up the cuticles, making hair more porous. Which means that your hair will better absorb any leave-in treatment you apply and get to work even faster repairing and protecting ends from sun exposure.

So before you just throw on a wide brimmed sun hat, which might look super chic, be sure to spray a generous amount of N4’s Super Comb Prep & Protect evenly through the strands. Then comb and style as normal. With a blend of White Freesia, Golden Amber and Warm Musk too, the smell is so intoxicating, you’ll want to liberally and regularly spritz throughout the day. Bonus! Hair that looks and smells delicious and is protected all summer long.

With the highest levels of UVA and UVB Protection, Super Comp Spray & Protect is your summer hair saver. But it gets even better! For a limited time only, grab yours and enjoy 30% savings. Just use code SUPER30 when you checkout. Bon vacances and remember to protect your hair from the sun with Number 4 High Performance Hair Care!

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