The Biggest Hairstyle Trends of 2021

New hairstyles for 2021 Number 4 Hair Care

The Biggest Hairstyle Trends of 2021

The Biggest Hairstyle Trends of 2021 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Celebrate New Year’s Eve In Style With These Iconic Hairstyles


We couldn’t start the new year off without reviewing 2021’s most coveted hairstyles.

We’re praying to the hair gods right now that in 2021 we can all reacquaint ourselves with our favorite stylist and colorist. Nobody wants another year stuck in quarantine skipping regular trims, and carrying out bad home root touch-ups! 2020 was a drama your hair will be pleased to see the short, back and sides of!

Best Hair Styles For New Year’s Eve

These are the “it” girl approved styles to ring in 2021 that are nothing short of sensational. We’re talking glitter, glamour, and ginormous volume. Shrinking violets and wallflowers prepare to come into full bloom. It’s time to cast off the shadow of the lockdown lows that delivered questionable grown out fringes to zoom time screens around the globe and celebrate instead bountiful bouncing curls, bejeweled statement headbands, and silky straight twisted high ponytails.

Dah-lings, it’s time to pay homage to your inner dancing “kween”.

It’s a new year so it’s time to shake things up in the style stakes.

2021 Is All About The B’s!

We’re talking about being


And with the help of N4’s salon experts, making cool changes, and staying on top of the seasons’ hair care trends has never been easier.

So let’s look ahead to what 2021 holds in store.

From super shags to 60’s inspired flipped ends, loaded-up layers to what we’re calling curtain bangs and yes, everyone’s favorite, the classic bob, we’ve got the scoop on the trends set to dominate 2021.

The Post Pandemic Cut

You’ve no doubt heard of and experienced for yourself a breakup cut. That cathartic and often catastrophic knee jerk reaction you have to a particularly painful breakup when you decide to chop off all your hair. Never a good idea! Especially when you inevitably get back together the following month but spend a year growing out the mussed up mullet you thought would suit. We know Billie, Miley and Rihanna can rock the pixie inspired mullet but their Monday mornings probably look a little bit different to yours!

But we get it! We’re not so much getting over a breakup, rather a global pandemic. We’re all full of angst and frustration and ready to experiment with statement strands and liberated styles from Hollywood boulevard to the streets of Paris.

While high levels of experimentation might be well and good for the stars of celebville, back in the real world you may want to opt for something a little more subtle, but which still makes you look and feel refreshed. So perhaps give that cool-girl mullet a miss and the short back and sides pixie cut a wide berth. Instead, go for something that’s still playful but also manageable on a Monday morning!

Bang, Bang, Bang!

From dramatic side sweeping curtain bangs, to little baby bangs, bangs worn straight, to bangs that skim the cheekbones, this is the perfect way to update your usual style. It’s also a relatively low maintenance look and can be grown in and out without requiring too much attention.

It’s the perfect way to experiment with something new, but it’s also ideal for lazy girls too.

Fully Loaded Layers

At Number 4 we’re also predicting that choppier length layers will be a heavily requested style.

This look is a step along from having bangs and is a great transitional style that allows you to experiment with adding dimension to your hair.

Mix up short, mid, and long length layers to create heaps of texture and volume, or ask for “undercover layers” to freshen up your current do before going for anything too drastic.

A big bonus of layering is that it can also perfectly frame that pretty face of yours. As if you weren’t already beautiful enough dah-ling!

Bang, Bang, Bang!

Hoorah! You can breathe a huge sigh of relief. The bob is going NOWHERE!

From shoulder length lobs to blunt boyfriend inspired bobs, this is one hairstyle that not only says, “new year new me” but is also effortlessly chic and timeless.

Want to look ten years younger? Bonus! The bob can single-handedly lob years of your look.

No matter what look you decide to experiment with this year, Number High Performance Hair Care has all the styling products you need to texturize, volumize, and yes, mesmerize!

So go ahead and check out our best-selling range of styling products HERE and get ready to turn heads in 2021.

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