The Essential Rules to Follow for Healthy Hair

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The Essential Rules to Follow for Healthy Hair

The Essential Rules to Follow for Healthy Hair 312 258 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care


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In honor of women everywhere and recognition of National Women’s Health & Fitness Day, we’re discussing hair health, specifically the essential rules you need to follow if you want to maintain shiny looking and vibrant, healthy hair.

If your idea of regular exercise is a weekly appointment at the blowout bar and you prefer to get your adrenalin fix from an extreme dye job rather than participating in a dangerous sport, then right about now, your hair is probably showing the signs of stress.

Before you start to feel hopeless, worried that you’ve wrecked your hair with your flatiron flirtation, help is on hand. With just a few sneaky little adjustments, you can be living life in the fast lane, breaking records (and hearts) with your healthy hair obsessed goals.

Here are the rules you need to follow for fab and fit hair days.

Get Smart about your Ingredients

You wouldn’t knowingly fuel your body with harmful toxins and poisons, so honor your hair the same way and treat it to wholesome and natural ingredients. Feed it with love and shower it with affection. Remember, the most beautiful things are found in the simple, including healthy and luxurious hair. You can read all about the Number 4 Manifesto here.

Don’t Over Wash Your Hair

Water makes the hair swell from the inside which can damage the cuticle so try skipping the shampoo every once in a while.  Number 4 shampoos, made with clean ingredients, won’t cause excessive build up. This helps you go longer between washes. 

Try some Conditioning Training

We don’t mean the kind you do in the gym. We mean the kind you apply to your hair. Conditioners are essential to maintaining healthy hair, especially if you are addicted to your hot tools. Sealing and protecting delicate hair from adverse heat, while ensuring strands remain soft, smooth and shiny rather than frazzled, frizzed and overly crisp! Head over to the Number 4 website to check out our range of nourishing, hydrating and restorative conditioning formulas.

Learn to Spritz like a Pro

If you are a fan of a major league blowout, then learn how to legit apply your heat protector spray the professional hairstylists way. Make sure you fully spritz all sections of your hair, misting up and down the entire lengths and combing the formula through, for even distribution. A few seconds perfecting the art of the spritz will go a long way to protecting your hair.

Give your Blowout a Helping Hand

The aim is to make the heat drying process as short as possible so give your blowout a helping hand by “blotting” rather than rubbing or squeezing, excess moisture from your hair. Cotton tee shirts are often used by top session stylists when they’re on set as they don’t rough up the cuticle, but they help absorb extra moisture. So go ahead and grab your favorite band tee from the back of the closet. You knew there was a valid reason why you’d kept that Madonna Like a Virgin Tour tee.

Cool it Sister

If you feel like your head is still hot after you’ve put your hair through an extreme flatiron circuit that’s because it’s still frying! When you cook a steak, you leave it to rest for a few minutes when it comes off the grill. That’s because it’s still cooking from the inside out. So hit that cold-shot button on your hair dryer to cool things down a notch.

Shine Baby Shine

There’s nothing that says healthy hair better than shiny hair. A smooth hair cuticle might just be the best hallmark there is for healthy hair. A few pumps of Fluoro5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil distributed from damp hair will not only help speed up your blow-dry but will illuminate hair with time-defying shines, so you really do look lit as well as fit.

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