The FiFi Files: Hairstyles to Flatter Your Face Shape!


The FiFi Files: Hairstyles to Flatter Your Face Shape!

The FiFi Files: Hairstyles to Flatter Your Face Shape! 413 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Bonjour, dah-lings!

As a stylist and world traveler, I have been asked nearly every question under the sun….truly. Everything from my brand of toothpaste to my choices in lingerie! The topics are all over the map, which is not a surprise because so am I! But I digress…the question I hear over and over again has been asked since the dawn of salons: how to choose a hairstyle to flatter your face shape? The tough part comes in identifying what that shape your face really is; after that, styling with Number 4 is as easy as a stroll down the Seine.



This face shape is the most common and is characterized by a forehead and jaw of the same width. It’s also the most versatile, meaning nearly every style will enhance the wearer’s natural beauty! Lucky ladies, those ones. My personal favorite for oval is a sleek center part with straight, understated volume. To get this look, be sure to prep hair with Number 4 Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner.


Think Olivia Wilde or Angelina Jolie: strong, prominent foreheads and angular jawlines. Square sisters need a style to soften the more extreme lines of their lower face, which is why enhancing the hairline and forehead makes for a beautiful balance. For a more casual style, I love wearing lots of layers starting just above my jawline. When it comes to a dressy ‘do, a crown braid is a gorgeous look, especially for weddings. Of course, for the best long lasting hold, finish with Non Aerosol Hair Spray.


Round shaped faces tend to be widest at the cheeks and have a circular form. For you ladies, it’s all about adding little details to create a point of focus around your face, which creates the illusion of length. I recommend soft, side swept bangs or an asymmetrical bob for those with short hair, and dramatic, deep parts for all lengths and textures. For achieving the ultimate flexible control, I turn to Number 4 Texture Styling Crème.


For those with heart-shaped faces, you’ll notice the widest parts of your face are your forehead and cheekbones, coupled with a narrow, almost pointed chin. To add weight to the lower half of your face, try lots and lots of cheekbone-grazing layers. You can get great separation by applying Texture Styling Crème to piece out the layers. For shorthaired ladies, we recommend blunt, brow-skimming bangs or a tousled pixie.


A narrow forehead and jaw paired with high, wide cheekbones are the makings of a diamond face. All you diamond damsels should repeat this mantra to yourself: volume, volume, volume! The issue with diamond shaped faces is that they can appear very long. Bring out volume with large, loose waves and a deep part. Another options is to use Number 4 Styling Foam to artificially create volume with a high ponytail or bun; your chiseled cheekbones will steal the show.

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