The Mane Debate: Curly or Straight?

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The Mane Debate: Curly or Straight?

The Mane Debate: Curly or Straight? 992 1024 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

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Is it just us, or is it kind of a given that if you have curly hair, you wish you had straight hair, and vice versa? Call it hair envy or a case of “the grass is greener,” but it seems we’re always trying to manipulate our hair to do something different than what it naturally wants to do. Well, we’re here to give you permission to be fickle about your hair! With the right products, anything is possible, so whether you’re keeping your hair silky straight for a formal event or going curly for a summer soiree, we’ve got the perfect products to solve the mane debate.

Becoming a Curly Girl

Curls are a timeless look and surprisingly easy to achieve, no matter your hair type. Begin by preparing your hair with our N4 Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner to breathe as much bounce into your strands as possible. While you may have become accustomed to going straight to your hot tools, give our N4 Sugar Texturizing Spray a chance. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to achieve natural, bouncy waves. Begin with a few spritzes of our Sugar Spray all over damp hair. Then comb your fingers through your strands, starting at the bottom and working your way up. Allow your hair to air dry (or blow dry if you’re in a rush) and let our Sugar Spray handle the rest! Or, if you want more sculpted curls, start with our N4 Blowdry Lotion. This tonic helps shape, control and protect hair without weight or stickiness. Then, take small sections, spritz with N4 Thermal Styling Spray, and use a barrel iron to create the curls you desire. Finish with a mist of N4 Mighty Hair Spray for touchable umph that lasts all night.

Going Silky Straight

Like any hairstyle, prepping is the most important step for a perfectly, polished look. Treat yourself to an In-Home Day Spa once a week. Distribute our N4 Reconstructing Masque all over your hair; leave it in for 3-5 minutes and rinse. This will help prevent your locks from getting dry and brittle from the heat styling, while tackling the complex texture of frizzy, wavy, unruly locks. When you’re ready to style, run a small amount of our N4 Smoothing Balm through damp hair. This miracle worker will reshape hair into smooth, polished strands. It also reduces drying time and creating a shield of humidity resistance and heat protection. Achieving silky straight hair requires styling with hot tools, so it’s important to give your hair all the protection you can. Before you start using a ceramic iron, make sure that your hair is 100% dry. Using an iron on wet hair can damage your strands. Divide your hair into small sections, straightening one piece at a time and pinning up the rest to keep it out of the way. Always brush each lock before you start and don’t forget to spray each section with our N4 Thermal Styling Spray! When straightening, start near the roots and work your way to the ends, running the full length of your hair through the iron. Once you’ve finished straightening your hair, rub a small amount of our N4 Fluoro5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil between your palms and gently smooth over your strands for extra gloss. This step will take care of any annoying fly-aways, while making your hair look extra shiny and glamorous!

When it comes down to the mane debate, there really is no need to argue when you have the tools to make any look possible. Both curly and straight styles are versatile have the ability to complete any ensemble. Which one will you try first?

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