The Ultimate Guide To Winter Hair Care

Winter Hair Care

The Ultimate Guide To Winter Hair Care

The Ultimate Guide To Winter Hair Care 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Winter Hair Care

Ah, yes, winter! Frostbite on your toes and a tale of hair woes! For some, it might be the most wonderful time of the year, but for many of us, plunging temperatures signal the start of a season filled with depressingly bad hair days!

As we battle again wind, rain, sleet, and snow, hair is stripped of its essential oils and moisture. The forecast isn’t much more favorable indoors, either! Cranking up the dial on the central heating can leave hair looking lifeless, lacking in luster, and worse still, brittle and prone to breakage.

Added to that, hat hair really is a “thing.” The combination of chilly winter air and continually taking your hat on and off may end up damaging your scalp. Plus, it inhibits sebum’s natural production, responsible for helping hair look full-bodied, sleek, and shiny.

And don’t even get us started on static!!! It’s a hair raising horror story. You’re fighting the frizz as you battle the forces of nature. Winter wisps and fly-away strands are a common complaint as too are split ends.

So what then, is a dah-ling like you to do, to maintain her stylish seasonal do?

Hydrate, hydrate, and you got it, hydrate.

Winter is all about keeping a regular date with your favorite conditioner to lock in precious moisture. Take a rain check on that midweek night out with the girls and “check-in” with a hot bath and a deeply replenishing hair masque. Light a scented candle, breathe in the relaxing aromas and enjoy a much-needed home-spa session. Your body, mind, and scalp deserve it.

Well-being is always in fashion, no matter the season.

How to Fight Winter Damage

N4’s Reconstructing Hair Masque is your perfect ally in the battle against winter damage. It’s like treating your hair to a soft new protective winter coat. Who doesn’t love that feeling of slipping on a brand new winter jacket, ready to brave the bracing elements? Without the seasons, we wouldn’t need to switch up our wardrobe so frequently. Boring! Hands up who doesn’t secretly love snuggling up in a sumptuous new puffa coat and putting away their sandals for a few months?

N4’s deeply restorative and conditioning treatment infuses hair with maximum moisture, reversing dry, brittle, and lifeless hair while protecting strands against the cold winter air.

If it were a new coat, it would be a sumptuous full-length cashmere one. The kind that cocoons you with a comforting and luxurious cuddle and makes you want to embrace the chilly weather, stepping outside to show the world your pret-a-porter glow.

This masque is nothing short of transformative and is the perfect product in your winter hair care arsenal, strengthening, protecting, and reconstructing hair so that it’s up to 3 times stronger.

When you need a pick me up, add a bath bomb to your water; when your hair needs some TLC, apply N4’s Reconstructing Masque and wrap it in a hot fluffy towel for the perfect pampering treat. With active natural ingredients like Soy Protein and Sweet Potato Protein, it’s your chance to shine all winter long and will help nourish your hair and fight the elements until the clocks going forwards again.

If you’re worried about applying too much heat this winter, then don’t forget to check out our Blog How To Style Hair Without Heat Tools. It’s packed with top tips to help keep hair healthy and hydrated. End winter hair care woes and learn to style like a Pro with Number 4 High Performance Hair Care.

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