These Hairstyles Are Secretly Damaging Your Hair

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These Hairstyles Are Secretly Damaging Your Hair

These Hairstyles Are Secretly Damaging Your Hair 896 534 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

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When you think about the things that damage your precious locks, the first thing that usually comes to mind is hot tools. Whether it is blow drying, straightening, or curling, heat can definitely cause major breakage. But heat isn’t the only culprit keeping you from achieving your healthy hair goals.

You also may be unknowingly damaging your strands with your go-to look. Unfortunately, even the simplest styles can be a threat to your mane.

Next time you’re styling, watch out for these damage-causing looks:

Tight Braids

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While braids are fun to experiment with, be cautious about those trendy, braided styles that pull on your strands too much. Tight braids provide a polished look; but the tighter they are, the more follicle damage you’re introducing.

Next time you want a braided style, pull out some pieces and loosen it up! With a messy braid, you can create a romantic style that is just as gorgeous as tight braids. If you still want to keep it clean, rub some of our Texture Styling Creme into your strands beforehand. This product will tame your flyaways and produce smooth strands, keeping your braid soft and flexible.


Teased Tresses

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A big, voluminous mane will never go out of style. The majority of us weren’t lucky enough to be born with naturally full tresses, so that’s where teasing comes into play. Teased hair can turn any lifeless style into a bold statement, but this styling trick causes a lot of damage.

When you are brushing backwards, you are going against the natural grain of your strands, causing your hair to split and become weak. Teasing every day will definitely take a toll on the health of your mane, as you’ll start to notice breakage and frizz quickly. Want to take a break from teasing but still rock a full, voluminous look? Boost your roots with our Volumizing Shampoo and Condition! Washing with these products will give your strands amplified body.



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Our long-haired babes know all too well how easy it is to throw up a ponytail when there is no time to style. We don’t blame you – any style that doesn’t require a mirror or brush is definitely at the top of our list. But – as with any good thing in life – ponies must be used in moderation.

Tying your hair up every day in the same spot puts consistent stress on your tresses. When your strands are being tugged on for hours on end, you will start to see frays. To give your hair some relief; make sure to use a gentle, metal-free band and try different heights for your pony. With our Smoothing Balm, you can create a gorgeously sleek low pony one day, then rock a sassy high pony the next!


Don’t let your look tamper with your hair’s health, dah-ling! While it’s almost impossible to ditch these styles completely, our best advice is to use them sparingly. It turns out, switching up your look isn’t just good for your style – it’s actually healthy for your hair, too!


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