Three No-Heat Hairstyles for the Low Maintenance Mademoiselle


Three No-Heat Hairstyles for the Low Maintenance Mademoiselle

Three No-Heat Hairstyles for the Low Maintenance Mademoiselle 645 924 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Bonjour, Dah-Lings!

In the age of juice cleanses and smoothie detoxes, it seems only fair that we allow our hair a time-out from the irons, wands, and driers for the same reasons we try to give our bodies a break. Unfortunately, for all the heat-worshipping women who can’t seem to put down the tools, the thought of air-dried, poofy hair without any smoothing, de-frizzing, or curling is simply cringe-worthy. The reality is that not all stunning styles require heat, so long as you have the right products to make hair behave without threat of damage. I’ve got three no-heat styles that will make even the most curl-obsessed girl take an unplugged sabbatical!


Teased Out Twisted Pony

Nothing beats a sleek low style with a texturizing twist in the front – particularly when it opens up to a voluminous, full ponytail in the back! For this style, start by working 1 pump of Styling Foam into damp hair. Start at the ends and work into the roots, finishing with a blow dry. Then, part your hair above the middle point of your left or right eyebrow (which ever you prefer) and grab a 1-inch section from the front of the longer side of your part; begin twisting that strand away from your head and backward. Secure the strand in a low ponytail at the nape of your neck on the shorter side of your part, giving a balanced finish. Then, using a comb, gently tease the ponytail at the base to create a beautiful ponytail bouquet!


Beachy Braided Waves

The key to achieving a mermaid-esque mane is a treatment serum that adds just the right amount of lustre and shine without being greasy. Fluoro5 Elixer Restore and Repair Oil gives your strands the softness and flexibility to be molded in by the braids that help to achieve this style. To begin, apply 1-2 pumps of the shine treatment serum into the ends of your hair and work upward to evenly distribute the product. If you have time to leave your hair overnight, divide it into 4 even sections and braid them to the ends; the tighter the braid, the more dramatic waves will result. For a faster finish, divide hair into two sections and braid for a looser finish that still looks ‘done.’ 


Faux Fishtail Braid  

Faking a fishtail is actually far easier than you think! Before you begin, work a quarter-sized amount of Texture Styling Crème into the mid-section of your strands and down to the ends. Next, take a 1-inch strand of hair from each side of your head and twist away from your face and backwards until the two strands meet at the back. Secure tightly with an elastic, and repeat the same process below it, gathering tighter strands each time to give the appearance of one fishtail braid. Continue the length of the braid, twisting the two sides underneath themselves until the ends are gathered and secured. Use your fingers to gently pull apart any pieces that are twisted too tightly, and finish with a spritz or two of Mighty Hair Spray to eliminate any flyways.


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