Top Hair Recommendations From Your Best Friend

Top Hair Care Tips

Top Hair Recommendations From Your Best Friend

Top Hair Recommendations From Your Best Friend 1024 683 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Top Hair Care Tips

Bonjour Dah-Ling!

We all have that one friend with fabulous hair. She always looks like she’s just stepped out of the salon, all bouncy blow dried curls effortlessly soft, shiny and manageable even though she swears she just woke up that way! You’ve no idea how she does it, but you’re guessing that secretly she has a stylist locked away in a cupboard back home (and Cherie, you probably aren’t too far away from the truth!)

Nobody’s hair looks that good, all the time does it?

Well, of course, that depends what products you are using but yes, let’s get real, it also does require a very committed and trusted relationship with one VIP in your life. The one person with whom you’re likely to share an intimacy far greater than you even do with your actual BFF. Yes, your hairdresser is nothing short of a modern-day fairy godmother, casting her spell on your stressed-out tresses and using her scissors like a magic wand, making your dream hair wishes come true!

There’s an extraordinary and unique bond forged between a girl and her stylist.

Let’s face it, they know the real you! They even know what your actual hair color is. You may well tell the world that you’re a natural, honey golden blonde, just like the gorgeous Giselle but your best friend, AKA your hairdresser, knows that you’re actually a frumpy mousy brown and are a slave to the foils and bleach!

The real state of your natural hair is a secret even your partner may not know about. That is unless you have one of those Mom’s who insists on still displaying pictures of you at home on the mantelpiece. Photos from when you were four years old, a natural redhead with little rolls of fat like a mini Michelin man. Ah yes, those were the days! Bad, very bad hair days! You’ve come a long way dah-ling!

So what are the top products your best friend, or rather your stylist, can’t live without?

Top Hair Care Tips

1. First of all, you need not one but two different types of hair brush.

The better quality the brush is, the healthier your hair will be, so don’t think that just any old brush or comb will do. The best brushes are considered to have boars head bristles mixed in with synthetic bristles so that they give just the right amount of flex without tugging at your hair and causing damage. We’re betting that your best friend has a round brush to add volume, perfect for achieving that bouncy blow dry effect she’s so famous for, as well as a paddle brush for drying off those fashionable bangs.

For those days when you’re running short of time but still need to tame those tyrannical tresses, L’eau de Mare Brush with its pliable, flexible bristles works a treat on tangles.

2. The right shampoo for your hair type.

This is the killer. You must invest in a shampoo that’s specially formulated for your specific hair type. Don’t ever be tempted to just pick up any old shampoo thinking that something is better than nothing. It’s not. At Number 4, we have three different shampoos, each proven to gently cleanse and purify with their anti-aging formulas. Whether you need Hydration, Volume or something to Clarify and cleanse your hair deeply, our shampoos are rich in antioxidants, enhancing natural shine and restoring natural vibrancy. Check out the range here.

2. A deeply conditioning masque.

Ask your best friend what product they can’t live without and sure to top the list will be a great hair masque. Deeply conditioning, weekly masques, work like magic, bringing damaged hair back to life. For that pret-a-porter glow, you really can’t beat Number 4 Reconstructing Masque which deeply replenishes and restores hair-infusing it with maximum moisture. This stuff really is a girl’s best friend and everyone deserves to know about it!

With these top hair recommendations, you really can’t go wrong. We believe that sharing is caring so don’t keep Number 4 a secret from your other girlfriends.

Isn’t it about time that you all had access to the most extraordinary haircare experience imaginable?

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