Top Tips To Grow Longer Hair Naturally

grow longer hair naturally

Top Tips To Grow Longer Hair Naturally

Top Tips To Grow Longer Hair Naturally 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Top Tips To Grow Longer Hair NaturallyBONJOUR DAH-LING!

If you are looking to achieve luscious long strands and want to encourage length there are two main options. One is to look at ways you can stimulate hair growth and the other is to ensure you keep your hair healthy and in tip top condition.

Luckily N4’s team can certainly help you with the latter.

The former takes a bit more effort and means you need to do a little more work “internally”. Think nutrition and supplementation.

So let’s take a look at some tried and tested, science based ways in which you can encourage that extra inch!

N4’s Top 5 Tips For Longer Hair

In no particular order, let’s get things started with your scalp.

1. Stimulate Your Scalp

Your scalp is the source of healthy hair. An irritated scalp, which might be caused by excess product build up, can lead to unwanted scalp conditions including thinning hair.

Oxidative stress also has a part to play too, and occurs when there’s excess dirt and oil built up around the hair follicle.

The answer? To use a clarifying shampoo like N4’s Clarifying Shampoo to deep cleanse the hair without stripping it of moisture or color.

Also, pay particular attention when washing your hair to the scalp by giving it a gentle massage. Not only will it increase blood flow and relieve stress, it will stimulate the follicles and BONUS, it feels pretty darn good too.

2. Protect Hair Against External Stressors

While this tip won’t necessarily help grow longer hair faster, it will go a long way to protect the length you already have which is part of the healthy hair equation.

External, everyday stressors include rigorous brushing, excessive hot showering and all round general wear and tear that can lead to unwanted breakage.

Too tight hairstyles also contribute to unwanted friction so consider using soft hair ties and silk scrunchies to protect delicate strands.

Et voilà dah-ling! Summer loving looks so good on you.

3. Keep Hair Hydrated

Did you know that the hair on your head is actually the driest thing on your body?

If you want to grow longer hair then it’s absolutely essential dah-ling that you keep it hydrated. Brittle hair breaks which is not what you want when you’re going for length. Chemical coloring contributes to added cuticle friction which can cause strands to snap.

Everyone’s hair type is different but one thing we can all agree on is that hair masques and conditioners are a must-have investment. Luckily N4 has a wonderful range of conditioning products specially designed to nourish, restore and hydrate.

Why not shop the range HERE.

4. Choose a Protective Hairstyle

It can feel like a long and daunting journey towards growing your hair longer and while a sprinkling of patience is required, knowing what hairstyles will also help protect your hair as you encourage it through this stage is also useful.

We asked our in-house N4 supremo stylists what they’d recommend and they suggested twists, cornrow ponytails and braids. Switching out your preferred style every couple of weeks will also prevent tension caused by chronically tight hairstyles.

5. Take a Heat Styling Break

We can’t stress this one enough. If you want to strengthen and lengthen hair you need to cool it with the heat styling tools. Repetitive heat styling breaks down the hydrogen bonds in your hair which unfortunately can lead to suboptimal levels of moisture.

If you absolutely insist on using your beloved curling wand dah-ling, then at least promise us that you’ll use a heat protectant on your strands first. We highly recommend N4’s Thermal Styling Spray which performs as an air-weight barrier between your luscious locks and your favorite hot tool.

So there you have it dah-ling. If your mission is to grow a healthy head of hair and promote extra length, our takeaway is that you should avoid hot tools and make sure you regularly wash using a clarifying shampoo and an extra moisturizing conditioner.

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