Top Tricks for Glossier, Shinier Hair


Top Tricks for Glossier, Shinier Hair

Top Tricks for Glossier, Shinier Hair 660 376 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

3 We’d all like to shine bright like the proverbial diamond. Especially when it comes to our hair. Contrary to what your great fairy godmother might have told you as a child, brushing your hair 100 times before bed isn’t really the answer. That was just her little ploy to get you to settle down and chillax before bedtime.

We all know that those coveted glossy, glassy looking locks actually start from within. To enjoy that unmissable light-catching sheen, you don’t just need to take care of your overall health and hair-being, but also pay close attention to the products and tools you use to nourish and protect it.

Let’s break down our top five tips on how your hair can achieve the silky, time-defying shine of your dreams.

1. Texture

The texture of your hair plays a big part in the kind of shine you can expect to achieve and the products the professionals recommend. To boost shine, an oil sheen product is excellent if you have drier, more wavy hair that can tolerate the weight of an oil without becoming oversaturated. Generally, for finer and limper hair, a fine sheen spray mist is recommended.

That was until Number 4 came along with its Fluoro 5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil. A non-greasy formula that will ensure you join the glitterati delivering dazzling results every time, the clear formula adds lustrous shine to all locks, even those that are fine. It’s perfect to use on both wet and dry hair and fills the cuticle to restore and protect whether hair is curly or straight.

2. Contrast

Consider going for contrast by adding subtle tone and color to your hair. Both light and dark hair benefits from the addition of multi-dimensional tones which create more shine to what otherwise would be more flat and lifeless hair. With Fluoro 5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil colored hair is protected from the damaging effects of UV and humidity.

3. Nourishment

Shiny hair is all about properly nourished hair and this starts from the roots. Vitamin E is an excellent product for deeply nourishing hair and giving it a much needed boost of T.L.C. Rubbed directly into the scalp, Vitamin E can help improve circulation and stimulate healthy hair growth. Better still, go for a cocktail of gorgeous ingredients designed to deliver shone without weight. Combine Fluoro 5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil with Super Comp Prep & Protect for the ultimate pretty, polished and nourished tresses.

4. Hot Tools

Sprays, cuticle sealants and oils aren’t the only ways you can achieve gloriously glossy locks. Turns out your favorite hot iron tool is nothing short of a magic wand when it comes to delivering smooth and shiny strands. Just swipe for shine.

5. Go for the gloss

The backbone of the Number 4 range of products is the exclusive botanical blend of Liquid Complex Culture.

Fusing high performance haircare with cruelty free and vegan ingredients, there’s nothing better at delivering the gloss. Number 4 Vibrance, Vitality, Defense and Purity trademarked liquid complex formulas will impart serious sheen for the glossiest, shiniest hair of your life. With an intoxicating blend of white freesia, golden amber and warm musk, prepare for your hair to dazzle and shine while you also smell utterly sublime.

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