Travel Essentials: The Products to Pack for Xmas Vacations

Travel Esentials for Xmas Vacations

Travel Essentials: The Products to Pack for Xmas Vacations

Travel Essentials: The Products to Pack for Xmas Vacations 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care


Are you heading away for the Christmas break? It’s the busiest time of the year.  But that’s why N4 is here, the home of botanical hair care products. We’ve sorted out a little travel essentials guide so all you have to do is read and pack, no need to think!

Read on to find the high performance hair care products you need to pack for Xmas Vacations

Travel Esentials for Xmas Vacations

Remember To Hydrate!

Whether you’re heading off somewhere hot or cold, either temperature range can cause our locks to dry out. It’s just no good! Forget about dry and flaky skin. As soon as the weather changes, we sometimes have to change our whole haircare routine!

N4 Hydrating Shampoo

The easiest way to combat dry and brittle hair is to spend extra time hydrating it. Start by using the N4 Hydrating Shampoo and work it from the bottom of your hair up to your roots. It’s a superb sulfate free shampoo as you’d expect. You can let it soak for a minute to ensure ultimate hydration and then rinse thoroughly. This shampoo is perfect because it contains Vitamin B5 properties that really help with hair shine and condition and is vegan-friendly.

N4 Hydrating Condition

Then move on to the N4 Hydrating Condition and apply this evenly on your locks. Again, vegan-friendly and sulfate free as you’ve come to expect. Take extra care to focus on those dry ends and leave it in for up to 1 minute. Then make sure to rinse thoroughly. Your hair is left feeling softer, smoother, and so silky thanks to the wonderful botanicals included in our high performance hair care products.

P.S if you’re traveling lightly, you can get these powerful products in smaller sizes!

When You’re Without Your Favorite Styling Tools

Do you ever find yourself away with very few styling opportunities? Sometimes we can’t fit in our hair tools and the hotel doesn’t offer much more than a lackluster hair dryer. This is snow laughing matter, is it dah-ling?

Make sure to pack N4s Blow Dry Lotion! It’s a mighty product that will help shape, control and protect your locks without weight or stickiness. It’ll even help speed up the drying process! As we all know, hotel hairdryer’s aren’t exactly known for their heat or speed!

Apply evenly to your damp strands and blow dry and style as desired. This will be your little styling companion. It’s perfect for the hot weather as it aids against humidity, and also perfect for the colder weather as it adds and locks in moisture, helping you to avoid static strands. So a winner for quick hair styling, home and away.

How To Add A Little Extra Sparkle

Now it’s time for the finishing touch! N4’s Fluoro5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil is the trendiest beauty and fashion staple to take everywhere with you. You can easily slip this bottle of liquid magic into your suitcase or handbag for on-the-go hair glossing.

This small but mighty serum will help repair surface damage and split ends so you can say au revoir to static strands when it’s freezing outside! It also provides UV and humidity protection, so you’re covered if you head somewhere hot. Sleek hair is yours for the taking dah-ling!

Add a couple of pumps to wet or dry hair, and voila! You will have dazzling results. Our favorite thing about this oil is the long-lasting time-defying shine it adds to our hair. Yet again, this is a fine example of the best professional hair care products to invest in for the holiday season.

If you need more advice for the colder months, check out our Essential N4 Guide to Cold Weather Haircare.

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