Treat Your Queen in Quarantine – Give the Gift of Gorgeous Hair This Mother’s Day

Mothers Day 2020 Number 4 Hair Care

Treat Your Queen in Quarantine – Give the Gift of Gorgeous Hair This Mother’s Day

Treat Your Queen in Quarantine – Give the Gift of Gorgeous Hair This Mother’s Day 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

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Are you in quarantine with your family’s Queen or will you miss seeing your mom in person this year? Quarantine is tough dah-ling, but so are you. Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to tell your mom just how much you love or miss her. Here at Number 4 Hair Care, we believe the leading lady in your life deserves to be celebrated in style. What better way of cementing your spot firmly in your Mom’s heart than by giving the gift of gorgeous hair?

She’s a Queen, after all, so deserves to wear a stunning crown. Or at the very least, a jeweled headband or statement slide. Whether her beautiful face is framed by curly, thin, thick or straight tresses, at Number 4 Hair Care we’ve got the perfect products to prep, preen, polish and shine. Remember, Queens always fix each other’s crowns.

Three N4 Gift Ideas to Show your Momma How Much She’s Loved

Throughout history, hair has always been viewed as a reflection and extension of our identity, both personal and public. So even in lockdown, it’s important to show hair some love. For most of us, a bad hair day simply equals a bad day.

Being in quarantine is challenging enough, without throwing unruly, uncontrollable hair into the equation. Both in biblical times and throughout the centuries, hair has been celebrated as a symbol of femininity, glory, freedom and beauty. So celebrate this Mother’s Day in style thanks to Number 4’s range of high performing, salon-inspired products.

Here are just three of our top recommendations in case you’re running short on ideas and time this year.

Supersize With Our 25oz Shampoo and Condition

Guaranteed to last way longer than any quarantine, N4’s generous 25oz bottles represent a whole lot of lockdown love.

Available in our popular Clarifying, Hydrating and Volumizing ranges, one pump is all you need to create a luxurious lather. That equates to just under two years of product. Our 25oz bottles can last for up to 700 washes.

WOW! Work out the cost per wash (CPW) on these beauties. We’re talking super value for money dah-ling! You’re saving money and improving hair hydration. What’s not to celebrate?

Full Of Love Gift Set

Nothing says you adore your mum better than our Full Of Love Set. It’s especially suitable for anyone who’s suffering from thinning hair as it delivers plenty of decadent volume and va-va voom lift. That’s thanks to the winning combination of N4’s Volumizing Shampoo and Volumizing Condition which create a rich and decadent lather.

The highly concentrated formula creates body and texture while adding weightless moisture. It’s perfect for multi-tasking moms looking for high-performance, anti-aging, and color-protecting results. Presented in a stylish gift box, it also includes a mini darling brush. Your Mom might not be from Texas, but her hair sure can be!

E-Gift card

Stuck for ideas and not quite sure what styling products your Mom would appreciate the most? Then how about adding one of our N4 gift cards to your basket? Choose from $25-$100. Better still, your card purchase can be personalized with a special message so you can still show some love while social distancing.

Wishing all the gorgeous hard working Mom’s out there a very happy and healthy Mother’s Day this year. We love each and every one of you.

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