Try These Ideas On No Interruptions Day 2021

No Interruptions Day

Try These Ideas On No Interruptions Day 2021

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No Interruptions Day 2021BONJOUR DAH-LING!

Firstly, we hope that you have been enjoying all the festive feels. Maybe you were lucky enough to open some N4 goodies under the tree this year. If so, we’d love to know what you received. We’d also encourage you to take a good look around our blog. It’s packed with tips and advice on how to get the best out of your Number 4 experience.

We get it. Christmas can be exhausting! Especially if you’ve spent it with all your nearest and dearest. Lovely as that is, sometimes you just feel like putting up the DO NOT DISTURB sign! Well, that’s exactly what No Interruptions Day is all about. It’s a day set aside to finish off 2021. Maybe you’ll decide to spend yours getting all those little tasks out of the way. Clearing out emails, ticking off outstanding tasks on your to do list, completing your tax return. UFFF! Non merci!

Maybe, just maybe, you might treat yourself to one final pamper party for one! Just you, yourself and your favorite N4 products.

Try These No Interruptions Day Ideas

Firstly turn off your phone. Close your door and settle down for an hour (or more) that’s all about YOU! You could spend your time scanning, shredding, deleting and saving OR you could spend your time, glossing! We know which one we’d prefer to do.

Self Care For Your Hair!

Christmas can be a drain, not just on your cash reserves, but also your energy reserves too! So that expensive spa day might not be realistic, but dah-ling, you can get the luxury treatment at chez tu! So stay at home, block out the days distractions and enjoy the best DIY pamper day ever! We think that you deserve it.

Run A Bath

Serious relaxation starts with a nice hot bath. Set the scene with soft lighting and crack upon those Crimbo bath oils your favorite Auntie bought you. Leave your phone in another room and reach for your current read. And RELAX!

Give Yourself A Deeply Replenishing Hair Treatment

It’s time to shower your strands with some love and attention. Especially if yours are colored and you’ve been reaching for the hot tools more than usual this Christmas. Give dry and damaged, distressed tresses, a total treat with N4’s Reconstructing Hair Masque. Simply leave on hair for 3-5 minutes while the powerful, rich blend of soy proteins and natural conditioners restores your pret-a-porter glow! No Interruptions Day is perfect for indulging in a smoothing, strengthening and replenishing hair treatment.

PLUS, even better still! With Number 4’s After Christmas sale, you can top up on all your favorite style savior products with up to 30% OFF!

So if Santa didn’t get the memo this year, now is your time for a little splurge. Go ahead and take up to 30% OFF. It’s a little extra after Xmas gift for YOU.

Treat Yourself To A DIY Blow-Dry

With  more time on your hands, why not look and feel all silky soft and brand new by giving yourself a salon-style blow-dry? It could be good practice for New Years Eve! Grab the rollers, create some va-va-voluminous waves and get ready to be footloose and fancy free, if only for a few hours. We highly recommend N4’s Styling collections, products designed especially to help create shine and brilliance, volumize, texturize and hell yeah, mesmerize! Check them out HERE.

Wishing you all a wonderful end to 2021. May all your dream hair wishes come true in 2022!

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